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  1. Are the forums still monitored by staff at all? Would be great to hear if this issue exists for others as well.
  2. Furthermore when switching between print presets the orientation is sometimes incorrect. Select the preset twice seems to fix it but not always. Accessing printer specific settings causes Affinity to crash at times. Basically printing with Affinity on a Mac is buggy. Printing and presets work perfectly from any other Mac app. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. After a little more sleuthing I believe I located the issue. The new presets system in Ventura seems to save less values, particularly those that are unchanged. In regards to N-Up, it only saves changed values whereas previous MacOS versions also saved the default values. I've attached 2 plists for comparison. The temporary fix is to put values in all fields and then change unneeded ones to "0" by editing the plist file. For a permanent fix it is now up to the developers, developers, developers!! Also, reading N-up values from presets has also always been a little buggy. When opening the print dialog and selecting a preset, it only showed the values of that particular preset even when selecting another one. So the only way to see the values of a particular preset is to open the print dialog newly for each one. That was just a minor bug, but with Ventura it doesn't want to read them back at all it seems. And last but not least, the "Reverse Page Orientation" setting under "Layout" is not being written nor read from presets (even when manually added to the plist). This was also an issue in past Affinity versions although sometime last year it was fixed. With Ventura however it's back to being unfixed. All other Mac apps can save and read this setting just fine. Affinity has been around many many years now and it would be great to see the print functions just work flawlessly. I doubt it would take that much time to solve and it seems like a high priority to have this working... as after all, we're not all designing for the digital space and we really need a full-fledge alternative to Creative Cloud. Of course, all of the above is moot if this is an issue just on my side. So I'd appreciate it if someone could take a minute to quickly test for these issues to see if they can be reproduced. Thank you.
  4. I've done more tests using different printers, latest drivers (OEM and AirPrint), resetting print system, clean plist files, and it all breaks down once N-up is added to presets. Even just selecting N-up without entering any values causes the issue. I have attached a clean plist of a test preset that has N-up enabled but without any values. The presets function got an overhaul in Ventura... maybe the plist structure was changed as well and now Affinity has trouble reading it? Anyone else can confirm this issue?
  5. Playing around with this further I found the following: - Print presets containing N-Up data created before Ventura work fine if selected twice in a row. - All print presets containing N-UP data created in Ventura crash Affinity (v1 and v2 alike) but not any other App (which of course doesn't look at N-Up data). I've looked at the plist files but could not spot any difference between the presets created before Ventura and those created with Ventura. But I will look more closely. Can anyone confirm/reproduce this issue?
  6. With macOS Ventura n-up settings no longer work. Selecting a range doesn't work. Overall the print dialogue crashes much more frequently and our entire printing has come to a halt.
  7. Upon testing this bug seems to only affect layers or masks nested under pixel layers. Avoiding this by using vectors instead and other workarounds, seems to be a temporary solution.
  8. Still an issue big time in 2022 😟 Never really noticed it before besides the occasional glitch. But now a document is completely unusable. Any movement of the symbol will move the contents all over the place.
  9. Developers, developers, developers!!! Where art thou? Really need this issue addressed rather soon 😬 It really seems to be an issue with symbols. However, opening up an Affinity Designer document containing symbols in Affinity Photo seems to work fine based on a few tests. Affinity Publisher has the same issue no matter which App is activated.
  10. Same issue here. Upgraded to Monterey a day ago and now Affinity is a pain to use due to choppiness. This is evident in pretty much any operation from clicking, scrolling, manipulating, opening documents, etc. Most frustrating when manipulating elements. MacBook Pro 15" 2018 2.9 GHz i9 32gb Radeon Pro 560X 4GB
  11. It's a shame to hear it isn't fixed in the newest version. I haven't tested it myself to confirm. However, the workaround still works fine and has been for months. When you save the preset what you do have selected for the "Range"?
  12. No fix yet. But read through this thread for a workaround as well as a solution to the "crash loop".
  13. Best way to recreate is to create 3 files: 1. With no artboards. 2. With 2 artboards. 3. With 6 artboards. Then open File 3 and save a print preset using the 5th artboard and print. Then open file 1 or 2 and try the same. It should crash.
  14. It definitely is an issue with Artboards. What helps if you do end up getting in a constant crashing loop where you can't even access the print dialog is to checkmark the (Reset Presets Menu to "Default Settings" After Printing") setting under Print Dialog > Show Presets (screenshot further up in this thread).
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