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  1. Correct, exporting to a PDF includes the bleed. Unfortunately that is not an option as what is printed is changed daily and thus has to be printed directly through the program.
  2. Happy to hear that. Any idea when it would be released with the next update?
  3. I have an Affinity Designer document with 5 artboards. A bleed of 0.2" has also been set and the bleed line is showing for each artboard. When I print an artboard directly from Affinity Designer and checkmark "Include bleed", the bleed is actually not printed. It also does not show in the print preview screen. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I always wondered why I had to reverse orientation in Affinity Designer and it may be a bug. It occurs only with 2 or more artboards. See screenshots attached.
  5. Can anyone confirm opening the print dialog with a selected artboard does not default to that artboard.
  6. I'm having a problem with printing presets not being respected, particularly "Reverse page orientation". Can anyone confirm this on another Mac? Also, when printing, the entire document is always selected by default instead of the artboard actively selected. I believe in a previous Affinity Designer version this was working.
  7. Thank you for the clarification on that. I must have accidentally copied my profiles into the Colors folder (instead of ColorSync) in trying to resolve this issue.
  8. Custom user profiles are saved under ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/ But make sure to delete the entire ColorSync folder and then open up the ColorSync Utility which recreates it. This helped solve the issue for me of the profiles not showing upon in Affinity. Interestingly there was also a Colors folder (~/Library/Colors) which also contained my profiles... but I deleted it as I found no reference for it online. Hope this helps.
  9. Running the ColorSync app and deleting and re-adding the color profiles resolved it somehow.
  10. I've notice that AD and AP (1.6 and betas) no longer show any custom or printer color profiles in the dropdown list. Must be a Mac OS issue, perhaps permissions? Anyone else with the same issue? What could be a fix for this?
  11. zimmt

    External Display + eGPU Glitch

    Ok, so I did some more testing. Without using an eGPU and having OpenGL set for all versions (1.6s and Betas), I can confirm it works fine connecting and disconnecting an external display. Using an eGPU (Blackmagic in this case) does not work, even with OpenGL. Sometimes it does work but by the second or third connect or disconnect the viewport just stops responding (the glitch in the video above I was not able to reproduce). Also, Affinity Photo Beta seems to have issues switching away from an eGPU and requires a force disconnect or just closes itself on disconnecting the eGPU. Maybe the eGPU function uses Metal in some way. Could also be unique to this eGPU. Not a dealbreaker issue for me but just wanted to share.
  12. zimmt

    External Display + eGPU Glitch

    I've tested this without an eGPU and just a regular external display with a MacBook. Opening Affinity on the MacBook and then attaching the screen creates the glitch in the video when scrolling/moving the artboard. Glitch.mov
  13. Having Affinity Designer or Photo open and switching between an eGPU with external display or back to the MacBook causes a glitch. The artboard its displayed as usual but scrolling has no effect, it does not update. I can see the scroll bars reflect the input but the dartboard/affinity display itself does not update. Only closing and restarting the app fixes this. Is this the desired behavior? Maybe there is no eGPU support. I believe this also happens without an eGPU and a straight connection to an external display.
  14. It would be great to be able to disable/hide the tooltip bar at the bottom. I don't believe I have used it once.
  15. Wonderful! Looking forward to the beta coming to the App Store.

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