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  1. It's a shame to hear it isn't fixed in the newest version. I haven't tested it myself to confirm. However, the workaround still works fine and has been for months. When you save the preset what you do have selected for the "Range"?
  2. No fix yet. But read through this thread for a workaround as well as a solution to the "crash loop".
  3. Best way to recreate is to create 3 files: 1. With no artboards. 2. With 2 artboards. 3. With 6 artboards. Then open File 3 and save a print preset using the 5th artboard and print. Then open file 1 or 2 and try the same. It should crash.
  4. It definitely is an issue with Artboards. What helps if you do end up getting in a constant crashing loop where you can't even access the print dialog is to checkmark the (Reset Presets Menu to "Default Settings" After Printing") setting under Print Dialog > Show Presets (screenshot further up in this thread).
  5. Thanks Sean for the video. I actually only tested Safari and Preview which behave standardly. Interesting to see a Mac app (Pages) also fail with reproducing the preset correctly. I honestly believe it has to do with the fact the reverse orientation is included with the regular orientation setting (portrait/landscape) in the presets plist file. And some programs just read the portrait/landscape but ignore the reverse orientation. Anyhow, thank you for passing it along.
  6. Yes, it is still smooth sailing using this workaround. Hundreds of prints and no crash yet. Still, this wasn't an issue in earlier versions of Affinity so something for the devs to look at when time allows
  7. Still occurring in latest version on Catalina 10.15.7. Using an external monitor it happens in Full Screen and Windowed mode. Just on a laptop without external monitor it only seems to occur in Full Screen mode. This is using OpenGL. Haven't tried it with Metal... if that would even affect this.
  8. I am using Print Presets in MacOS a lot and the "Reverse page orientation" option under "Layout" in the print dialog is not saved/respected by Affinity. Looking closer at the printing preset .plist files I noticed that Affinity uses its own entry to save the orientation i.e. Portrait/Landscape vs using the default entry from MacOS. MacOS uses com.apple.print.preset.Orientation to store an integer between 1 and 4 for Landscape, Portrait, Landscape + Reveres orientation, and Portrait + Reveres orientation. Affinity bypasses this and uses com.serif.PrintSettings.Orientation to stor
  9. I've managed to completely eliminate the problem by making sure to use "Selection" instead of the specific artboard when saving Printing Presets. This means I need to select the artboard I want to print beforehand but once you get used to that step it's smooth and hasn't crashed on me so far... and that is switching between various documents with and without different numbers of artboards.
  10. Thank you @SPaceBar. Let me know if you need anything else from me to help reproduce the issue.
  11. Thank you for your input. No, I have not tried the soft proof adjustment. Can that be used as a makeshift color profile when printing via AirPrint? It really is a shame as both of these are great printers with no comparison in their price range. Printer drivers from other manufacturers work just fine. I am hoping someone who has these printers will see this and can confirm they work or don't.
  12. Thank you. I am using multiple printers, 2 HPs, 2 Canons, 1 Epson, 1 Zebra. This occurs with all printers regardless of driver i.e. OEM, AirPrint, or Third Party. It seems to be an issue with Artboards from what I can tell.
  13. When using Affinity Designer in Full-Screen mode and having multiple tabs (files) open, from time to time a situation occurs where opening up an additional file/tab will cause the viewport to get choppy. The tabs also disappear but reappear once the cursor is moved over where they should be, at which point the choppiness vanishes. Just a small bug I've noticed for a while and wanted to file On another note, I've noticed that when opening Affinity Designer files through the Finder in another window, the file will be opened in the background and the view will not automatically shift t
  14. I work with Affinity Designer on a Mac and printing using AirPrint produces high resolution crisp prints. However, using the OEM HP drivers produces not as crips graphics and text that is rather jagged/pixelated. I would really like to use the OEM drivers as they allow the use of different color profiles and many more media types. I have tinkered with all possible settings to no avail. This affects both my HP LaserJet M553 and HP PageWide 452dw. I also have an Epson and Canon, both of which are used with OEM drivers just fine. Could this be an issue on the software side even tho
  15. I had a feeling that might help. I've been experiencing this issue for months and also post it on the forum. Unfortunately no one has looked further into it. @SPaceBar would be great if you can pass my post along as well.
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