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  1. I just came here to look for this feature myself. Great to hear it will be in version 1.7! That's one of the few things I"m still missing after my transition from Illustrator. Thanks!
  2. amphioxus

    Quick way to duplicate a layer

    I agree, it's not the end of the world. Just a minor nuisance, especially when I want to quickly duplicate grouped objects. When click-dragging on an unselected group of objects while pressing CMD, AffinityDesigner will only duplicate the selected sub-object of that group (and leave it grouped within its parent), instead of moving and copying the whole group. So I need to make sure I select the group first, and then duplicate it. Just a few seconds lost, but I just really liked how this worked in Illustrator.
  3. amphioxus

    Quick way to duplicate a layer

    I agree with aandy above. I too would love to be able to start dragging an object, and then midway decide whether I want to deposit a copy (if command or option is pressed) at the destination or just move it (key not pressed). That would speed up my workflow immensely, as I can't tell you how often I press the key too late and only move the object instead of copying it. REALLY like your software, though!
  4. Awesome! I just came to this forum to ask how to center text vertically in a text box in Affinity Designer. I just updated to 1.6 and this feature is now present. Thanks for your hard work!

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