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  1. Does anyone know of a simple way to create a cube with a square with equal sides. I've been trying to wrap my head around how to do this perfectly in Affinity (with the same simplicity of Illustrator). Thanks!
  2. In Illustrator to make an open box, for example, I quickly draw the box, add a node to the centre of one sides then delete it. This removes only one side of the box and leaves the other sides fine. When I add a node in Affinity Designer to a side of an object, I can manipulate the node, but when I delete it, it simply deleted the node. Is there an easy way to replicate this function? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I had customized my toolbar and did not seem to have the drop down option.
  4. I've tried looking around to no avail. Is there a way to align or distribute objects to the art board rather than to each other? Thanks!
  5. Thanks MattP! I am enjoying the application quite a bit. I've been using Illustrator since the mid 1990's and it's been nice testing some alternatives (Affinity Designer, Sketch 3). I'd love to see more tutorials and a detailed user guide or some tips and tricks to help speed up my adoption rate. Thanks again!
  6. Is there a way to offset the path of an object (to create a new path / object that isn't just a scale of the first object)? Please see attached: Thanks!
  7. To clarify, it doesn't even have to be the color of one object. Is there a shortcut key to sample any color on your screen and turn the current selected objects color to said sample? I must be missing something because every other application does this more efficiently? Thanks!
  8. Is there a short cut / shortcut key for quickly cloning the color of one object to another? For example, I have a square that is purple and a circle that is orange. I select the circle and would like to sample the color from the square to turn it purple. The only way I can seemingly do it is to select and drag the eyedropper tool (from the color palette), then sample the color from the square. Then I need to select my circle then click the colored sample from the eyedropper in the palette to change it's color. Basically, I'm looking for the exact same function that illustrator provides when sampling / cloning colors and I have to assume Affinity Designer would not make it a three step process when it could be one. In illustrator you can quickly shortcut key to the Eyedropper tool and it changes the current objects color to anyone that you sample. Thanks everyone!
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