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  1. This is absurdity! I will describe it briefly, because my English is bad. I wanted to merge objects (it was 31 objects) - it still takes longer than 10 minutes! I still waiting for effect ... I look to monitor activity, and there .. Check it screenshot. More than 26GB of memory usage?!?! My iMac Mini has 16GB. It's probably a bug or..? - how about that? When I finish this post it's now 20 minutes and still nothing. I guess I'll have to reset the AD. Any ideas? Btw, other programs and functions work flawlessly at that time. Cheers!
  2. yeah, the solution of what I described earlier is very easy (I am ashamed because of this :) Helped, installation of new drivers to the tablet (a few days ago I updated the system to version 10.10.3 and all drivers stopped working)... and reset the settings in AD. Now it's all OK :] Regards!
  3. Hi, I noticed a similar problem. I use a Wacom Intuos4. All operations like: drawing shapes, moving objects, the text is very delayed / lags. However, when performing the same operations using the mouse, everything is OK and works smoothly... any suggestions how to fix it so I can use a tablet? Thanks!
  4. go to FILE > EXPORT, select the PDF, click EXPORT button, type a file name, choose a location... done :] Cheers!
  5. yeah, problem solved! I do not really know exactly what it was, but in the Preferences>Performance I set everything as in your screenshot, I closed the AD and after restarting everything is OK now. :] Thx! Cheers!
  6. No, for me it does not work, all of the time looks the same :/ This is probably not the OS X issue, because in other programs, everything looks OK. Even when I paste a file from the AD to Ps, everything is OK. Besides, as I said, it happened after a new update. we have to wait for a response from support... :] Cheers!
  7. I will only add that the problem does not occur on the horizontal and vertical lines.
  8. I am working on a Mac mini (Late 2012), 2,3 GHz i7, 4GB. I bought AD, but before the update was OK. Document settings in the screenshot below. I used the ellipse tool, and the problem occurs on all fonts.
  9. Hi, Can someone explain to me why the lines are so jagged (see screenshot), should be smooth. I'm sure it was OK before upgrading Cheers! Marcin
  10. yeah, you're right. It works on the drop-down menu bar, but it does not work in the Fonts window. Before upgrading it worked...
  11. Any ideas, suggestions... ladies/gentlemen? :]
  12. Hi, Button "Reset Selection Box" - I was looking everywhere and I did find out what it actually is? how does it work? Forgive me if this is a silly question... I'm still learning AD :] Cheers! Marcin
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, so if I want to use AD for commercial purposes, that it can be installed only on one computer? Cheers!
  14. Forgive me that I was Pinning into this topic (but it fit), you are considering in the future expands on the Polish language? :] Thnx
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