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  1. Hi Garry, Thank you, I will have to have look and tweak my template and fix that join issue. the little white areas are because I used a vector brush on this one to kind of hand colour it. I am experimenting with different ideas and techniques with these. Its actually quite relaxing doing these.
  2. Mandala # 2 this one I did in an orange brown colour like that of henna. I experimented with adding a colouring layer but decided I liked it better just like this
  3. I have decided to take up doing mandala art. I created my own template using symbols and layers for drawing and colouring. This is my first one, there will be more
  4. Yes Xara is fast and intuitive but Xara is not without some issues. Affinity has better brushes already and better Svg export. Affinity is missing some basics like blends and the contour tool is just a beginning but the main thing is Affinity is putting more work into its vector art tools and Xara has all but abandoned the art side of things favouring its business layout stuff. And if you have publisher you can set up a picture frame that is a container for a photo. you can drag and drop a photo into a frame once you have your frame set up in Publisher you can save it and use it in Designer and Photo.
  5. I would love to see them do this by giving us a special guidelines layer we could easily add to our documents and anything placed on this layer would automatically be converted to a guidline and this layer would also be automatically set so it did not export or print. And guides dragged out from rulers could also be automatically on this layer
  6. I would love to see a blend tool like the one that Xara has it works so simply you just drag from one object to the next and it creates a basic blend then they have options to set the number of steps, how they transition and how colours transition. It is one of the few things I still use Xara for.
  7. When I create an intensity brush using the "create brush from selection" method all shades of grey create the same opacity level when I use the export png create new intensity brush method then it works as you describe. hmmm...... I'm using the latest release version, perhaps I've found a bug? I think I will test this out further in the current beta and see what I find. if it still happens in the beta I'll post full steps and screenshots in that forum In the meantime, yes I was hoping that there was a way to create the brush so grey scales could be set to saturation values instead for example black would be fully saturated and white would be fully desaturated. but I suppose could get the results I'm after by creating full colour image brushes
  8. Hi ennuied I know that coming from Using Xara Designer Pro into the world of affinity is a learning curve. But not a huge one. One thing to consider Affinity is not an all in one program like Xara Designer Pro. Affinity Designer is mainly for vector graphics but you can do some photo tasks in the pixel persona. You can mask out the white background. Go into pixel persona, use the selection brush to select the rubik's cube. Once you have the cube selected press refine on the info bar a new panel will come up and you can see a red overlay showing the areas that will be masked out. here you can use the brush that automatically comes active to brush over any areas of your selection that still need work like fine hairs or branches. you can use the sliders as well. Once you are happy with your mask go down to the bottom of the refine panel and you will see a dropdown menu under the label output. choose new layer from that menu and click apply. You will now have your cube cutout and on a new layer of its own. and the original photo will still be there on it's layer. You can simply keep the original turned off by making sure it's check box in the layers panel is not checked. and you will always be able to go back to it if needed.
  9. Hi all maybe this has been asked before but I couldn't find it But I would like to create an intesity brush using different greyscales so that when painting with the brush you would get different shades or saturations of the colour so say a brush made from 3 dots one black one a dark to mid grey tone and one with a lighter grey would yeild a brush that when you painted with it in your chosen colours say a brown tone you would get a brush that painted in three shades of brown based on the greytones in the brush texture. Is this currently possible?
  10. Thank you Garry for making this available to everyone I can see some interesting uses for this! It reminds me of an app I used to use years ago that could create this type of things with the addition or rays and non overlapping objects in the fields
  11. If you changed the scale in the new document and didn't select scale with object that possibly could be a reason
  12. Once you use the corner tool on the smart shape it is no longer editable as a smart shape.
  13. You can do it with the star tool. leave the curved edges un checked and adjust the outer circle to 100% using either the slider or the smartshape handle. Then play around with the inner circle, inner radius and the number of points to get the shape you want.
  14. The assets panel in all 3 apps are quite good but a couple of improvements would make them even more useful. 1. The ability to import assets into a subcategory for example I have asset files for 3 or 4 different kinds of paper textures I would love to have a category named paper and have all my paper textures in subcategories under paper to do it currently I would have to bring the assets into one app and load them all into the assets panel using add from selection which is fine but say I downloaded an assets file for another kind of paper later now I have to import the new assets as a new category 2. the ability to drag to reorder the categories and to be able to drag a category into another and it would become a subcategory. 3. I think this has been already asked for but I'll add it here too to have asset categories and sub categories update across all apps
  15. I'm having a 50% off sale in my shop this weekend you can find all kinds of things affinity there My newest product is some really nice water colour papers all set up as an assets file that you can import into the assets panel of any of the Affinity apps then simply drag in the paper you want and you will see it is a pattern layer that you can easily manipulate and clip inside any object or simply fill your whole document as a background. Sunwings Studios Edit: I offer my apologies for not checking the community guidelines before making this post. I can not remove it now and if the moderators decide to remove this I totally understand.
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