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  1. Thanks a lot, Tony and Dave. And don't hurry - I just wanted to be sure that you received the file.
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. I did in the meantime. The first reply came quick and asked for me sending the .afdesign file which I immediately did upon this request. However due to the file size of the .afdesign file I zipped it. This was on Oct. 13. On Oct. 29 I resent the mail to support@seriflabs.com again with sadly no reply or reaction yet. Also my message via Facebook yesterday has not been reacted to. My question is: Did you get my e-mail(s) or does the .zip attachment get blocked or not delivered? I'm asking because a customer of mine wants his Christmas cards having m
  3. Hi all, so far I'm really fond of Affinity Designer. However I encountered one problem: I created a flyer, containing two image and three text elements. Nothing special. Exporting as .tif or .psd works fine. Exporting as .pdf or .eps however just exports blank (white) content. Running AD on Mac OS X 10.8.5 Affinity Designer 1.1.0 Any hint on what I might change or could try?
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