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  1. So I've been trying to work with masks and the "Hold ALT" colour picker... it's BAD. When I hold down ALT with the intention to pick a value FROM THE MASK to apply it somewhere else in it, the tool simply decides to pick the GLOBAL value of the document instead, which makes working with masks a complete pain as I want to pick the value from the actual mask to control the ALPHA value for that mask alone. Switching to the Isolated view of the mask makes NO difference at all, it still picks the value of the Parent Layer. The only exception to this problem is if you select the Colour Picker tool MANUALLY, which is slow enough to break my flow. Why doesn't the "HOLD ALT" method use this behaviour as when you select the Colour Picker Tool manually? If holding ALT supposed to be just a quick shortcut to switch between the brush and the picker, why doesn't it work the same as the properties you assign to it in the first place? Is there a workaround to this?
  2. Thanks to everybody backing me up in this request. Also, sorry about my rusty English in the first post (I have gotten better with the language since). I will admit that this problem boils down to being accustomed to a Photoshop workflow. Yet, it would be nice to hold down ALT and have the picker grab the value FROM THE MASK and not the GLOBAL colour displayed on the screen. It really breaks my flow when I have to switch between Isolated mode and normal mode back and forth each time I want to work with masks, sometimes I just want to be able to see the results of my changes as they happen.
  3. At the moment, controlling brush width and rotation has been made possible through shortcuts, which is great since those binds can be assigned to the Ring on Wacom Tablets. However, one setting is still eluding the holy trinity of binds and that is Brush Hardness. If this setting could receive it's own spot on the Keyboard Shortcuts, it will increase workflow speed for those who prefer to bind these shortcuts to their Tablet Rings. All attention and time to read this request is most appreciated, cheers!
  4. Working with Masks is greater than in any other application I have worked with so far, the ease of having child layers and being able to stack a mask over the other truly is amazing. However... One thing that I have found disorienting is that when I use the colour picker tool, rather than picking a value of black an white from the mask that I am working on, Afphoto decides to pick a colour from the Parent Layer (Even when the Source is set to "Current Layer" while having the mask selected). Even though working a mask will only paint with the luminosity value of the sample taken, as you may well know, the values on the Parent Layer are part of a whole and having the Colour Picker Tool to take a sample from the Parent Layer and not the Mask you are working on results in picking an unwanted value when I am actually trying to pick a shade of gray that has already been used on said mask In the long run this means that for me to be able to take the desired sample, I must go to the colour wheel / sliders manually and try to guess what that value was or take my attention away from the whole and having to isolate the mask to get the value that I want. If the colour picker could be adjusted in a way that it picks the shades of gray FROM the mask while working INSIDE the mask it could certainly enhance workflow speed and consistency. Thanks for the attention and time to read this request. Cheers!
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