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  1. CienciasMagicas

    Fan Affinity Suite icons (made with Affinity Designer)

    Greetings Santiago: In this video I show how to make the Affinity Designer logo. I'd like to see it and tell me what you think and if you can show me how you do it.
  2. CienciasMagicas

    200 Vector Gradients

    I'm glad that it's useful to so many designers. Thank you all for your comments. regards!
  3. CienciasMagicas

    Affinity Designer Logo

    Hello Designers! In this video I show how to recreate the Affinity Designer Logo using the Horizontal Triangular grid. Affinity Designer Logo.afdesign
  4. CienciasMagicas

    200 Vector Gradients

    Hello everyone!I share a palette of gradients, which I have had for years.Note: I do not know the author's name, which is why I do not mention it. 200 Vector Gradients.zip
  5. CienciasMagicas

    Yin-Yang Logo

    Thanks for the advice Alfred, try it with complete circles and do not achieve the result. Anyway, I'll make another video with the simplified versión.
  6. CienciasMagicas

    Yin-Yang Logo

    Hello, this is my second job with Affinity Designer! Oh, you can also see it on Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/weekend-vector Yin-Yang Symbol.afdesign
  7. CienciasMagicas

    Windows Vista Logo

    Greetings from México! I share my Windows Vista logo. Windows Vista Logo.afdesign Windows Vista Logo.svg