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  1. When selecting a layer the category and used brush should be automatically highlighted in the brushpanel . It is soo frustrating when you have more than 700 vectorbrushes
  2. No not a professional, just a hobbyist . For over two years I’m experimenting with affinity designer ( iPad) on a daily basis
  3. It wasn’t ment to be an artwork i just wanted it to look realistic , it’s only shapes and strokes without the use of Gaussian blur , only inner outer shadow and outer glow
  4. If you chose a font and it’s not good you always have start again from the bottom with the letter A scrolling from a-z all over and over again . It should start from the current font you chosen
  5. If you select a layer , the brush used for that object should be highlighted in the brushpanel .
  6. Vector illustration . All done with affinity designer on the iPad Pro . Been practicing for over one and a half year . Really love this amazing piece of software . All vectors , no pixel layers
  7. Yes it has . But that’s not what I want . Procreate has a built in system that records every stroke , pauses in between aren’t recorded to safe disk space
  8. Would be great if they had some screen recording like Procreate does on the ipad
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