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  1. Bad behaviour moving canvas in art text mode . A83FC8CC-B7D2-44BB-87EC-BA60B2BC1A49.MP4
  2. Unable to snap to grid . iPad Pro 12,9 . With Apple Pencil . Version 1.7 41AC8531-267E-41A0-B1C4-9B22D7A75940.MP4
  3. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Ability to quickly lock layers

  4. Maybe not the best solution but it can help a little CF53EE22-1B19-4A02-916C-7235C472692F.MP4
  5. MichaelMeeuwissen

    My first real projects in affinity designer on the iPad

    My mistake I saved them on my iPad as TIFF’S
  6. A12E76EA-DCF0-44EE-817D-D311E9535B46.tiff 5F6802DA-C6EA-4630-838D-1D488E50316D.tiff 0D47BB7B-0A8F-46AF-B5BA-DBB956397BC8.tiff
  7. Blendmode passthrough is just not there in affinity photo and designer for iPad 13640BA0-8DC7-4973-9EE5-5309E432333D.MP4
  8. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Nearly impossible to move lines .

    It’s nearly impossible to drag and move lines . This is with the Apple Pencil B02D2434-E821-4B7E-A1E5-244B2A24829A.MP4
  9. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Applying Custom Fonts Crashes the App

    FontManager is a free app and works perfectly to install fonts on your iPad.
  10. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Group can’t be removed

    It happens again . It’s not a major issue as the problem disappears after closing the app . 72963CA6-F2DA-4B0E-87D4-0863297A1187.MOV CDE67DB5-8733-4851-ADE4-DB7252968D4A.MP4
  11. D0922C88-CA46-4635-86A6-0D85DEA98E89.MP4
  12. 119CFF01-82F1-44E1-ACB4-7161EFF3D45C.MOV
  13. Had the same problem . Problem disappeared when closing AD and restarting the app .
  14. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Designer does not make the line dotted

    Maybe this can help B334446A-A06F-4BDF-966B-C5F184122C5C.MP4