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  1. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Cherry with iPad

    Did u use only vectors or did you used also pixel persona ? Amazing job
  2. Pinching in and out not working properly 1.7.2 . When releasing two fingers it seems that one finger stays on screen 494B4664-E940-4A4E-984F-D0BF4C5BAA8E.MP4
  3. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Pinching in and out not working properly 1.7.2

    Is it because my file is too big ? matrix.afdesign
  4. Can’t change colour 3CFB604F-1802-43E5-BBDF-07D8BF87CC32.MP4
  5. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Can’t change colour in vector mode 1.7.2

    I can’t give you the file , I’ve deleted the file yesterday . App crashing all the time , so many bugs , this update is the worst since the release of designer
  6. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Unable to add text

    Unable to colour text , file that I’m working on got corrupted 5BDCFE5B-9EEA-47A7-8F18-11F2274847F3.MP4
  7. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Unable to add text

    I didn’t activated the transparency tool . But it’s still a bug as you can see in next footage . You can see at the bottom says none transparency even though one is applied . This version of designer is so full of bugs . Screen darkens when using the app . This doesn’t happen with other apps . Zooming in and out is a complete disaster , screen jumping back to previous zoomlevel while pinching . Colour picking tool gets activated unwanted. When drawing a shape another one gets transformed. App freezes, unable to do one single action. I’m working with the app everyday, it’s so annoying B6DB20D8-0C37-475A-84DA-3DB61DFA1BD9.MP4
  8. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Unable to add text

    corrupted file.afdesign
  9. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Unable to add text

    I exported the file to the cloud , opened it on my Mac and had the same problem . Unable to colour the text . Opened a new document , typed some text , copied it and pasted it in the corrupted file . After that I was able to colour the text . Did the same thing on my iPad Pro 2017 and it worked .
  10. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Pdf export impossible

    It’s impossible to export an editable text pdf , if I export a resume to the cloud and i want to make some changes in another app like pdf expert nothing is editable . If I save it as a native designer document and open this document via the cloud every single letter is turned into a curve ! 3CCF1EBA-A9A2-48B8-ADC2-30DF2D6DB282.MP4
  11. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Pdf export impossible

    I start my a new document . It’s the same for desktop version . If I do the same setup in publisher it works fine . 38AE0848-688A-4427-A78D-AB32F1A68F6E.MP4
  12. When I draw a circle 100px , duplicate him and resize him to 110px then do a power duplicate . I expect the next circle would be 120px the next 130px and so on , but that’s not the case . This happens on the iPad and Mac version 93CD649F-F819-4D3E-9267-280DBD91AA77.MP4
  13. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Constant freezing and crashing

    Same over here 1A27F322-E22C-421E-BF19-E96549637548.MOV
  14. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Sunday’s practice

    Sunday’s practice. Shapes and curves , self made vector brushes .
  15. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Sunday’s practice

    It’s all done in affinity designer on the iPad Pro. The letters are a combination of shapes . First type the word , duplicate it and downsize it a little from the center then connect them with the pen tool , snapping enabled . Effects are made with shapes , blending modes and Gaussian blur . Smoke effect is created with custom made vector brush . You can create your own brushes with almost everything.
  16. App crashes while changing blend mode . F2F66525-03F7-4139-B90A-092964C2E4C2.MP4
  17. Undo of redo button not working . Very often when I use the undo button nothing happens , but when I’m using the history slider afterwards it works again.This is also the case with all the other buttons, when I hit move to trash nothing happens , the same for deselect button . Very often it’s impossible to switch between different tools. The strange thing is when pull down control centre to start a screen recording everything works again. AB5C4EF2-CCAF-4D41-A081-DF23E16F2CC5.MOV
  18. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Redo or undo button not working

    Yes I have the latest version . And it happens quite a lot . I only use two fingers zoom in and out and for rotation . Many times I can not rotate canvas with two fingers although zooming works at that time C752DC39-AC26-4DEC-93A5-22C1AB837997.MP4
  19. Mesh warp tool for text of for any shape . Please
  20. Scrolling function for fonts like the desktop version with live preview
  21. Bad behaviour moving canvas in art text mode . A83FC8CC-B7D2-44BB-87EC-BA60B2BC1A49.MP4
  22. Unable to snap to grid . iPad Pro 12,9 . With Apple Pencil . Version 1.7 41AC8531-267E-41A0-B1C4-9B22D7A75940.MP4
  23. MichaelMeeuwissen

    No snapping to grid

    No snapping to grid . I tried all presets and enabled snapping to grid. 491C5654-0A5A-443A-93FC-53138F34E17F.MP4
  24. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Ability to quickly lock layers