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    No snapping to grid

    No snapping to grid . I tried all presets and enabled snapping to grid. 491C5654-0A5A-443A-93FC-53138F34E17F.MP4
  2. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Ability to quickly lock layers

  3. Maybe not the best solution but it can help a little CF53EE22-1B19-4A02-916C-7235C472692F.MP4
  4. A12E76EA-DCF0-44EE-817D-D311E9535B46.tiff 5F6802DA-C6EA-4630-838D-1D488E50316D.tiff 0D47BB7B-0A8F-46AF-B5BA-DBB956397BC8.tiff
  5. MichaelMeeuwissen

    My first real projects in affinity designer on the iPad

    My mistake I saved them on my iPad as TIFF’S
  6. Blendmode passthrough is just not there in affinity photo and designer for iPad 13640BA0-8DC7-4973-9EE5-5309E432333D.MP4
  7. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Nearly impossible to move lines .

    It’s nearly impossible to drag and move lines . This is with the Apple Pencil B02D2434-E821-4B7E-A1E5-244B2A24829A.MP4
  8. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Applying Custom Fonts Crashes the App

    FontManager is a free app and works perfectly to install fonts on your iPad.
  9. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Group can’t be removed

    After dragging group to the back , group stays on screen and can’t be removed or deleted. Even when opening new documents group stays visible
  10. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Group can’t be removed

    It happens again . It’s not a major issue as the problem disappears after closing the app . 72963CA6-F2DA-4B0E-87D4-0863297A1187.MOV CDE67DB5-8733-4851-ADE4-DB7252968D4A.MP4
  11. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Problem with rearrange layers on v.1.61, Designer for iPad...

  12. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Problem with rearrange layers on v.1.61, Designer for iPad...

  13. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Problem with rearrange layers on v.1.61, Designer for iPad...

    Had the same problem . Problem disappeared when closing AD and restarting the app .
  14. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Designer does not make the line dotted

    Maybe this can help B334446A-A06F-4BDF-966B-C5F184122C5C.MP4
  15. MichaelMeeuwissen

    anchor points not working as desktop version

    Anchor points not working the same as desktop version . It looks like the anchor point is orbiting around the object instead of the object around the anchorpoint . affinity designer-HD 1080p.mov
  16. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Group can’t be removed

    I doesn’t happen all the time . But it disappeared when closing designer and restarted the app
  17. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Flood Selection Tool

    I have the same problem On my iPad pro . It doesn’t work . Only one pixel layer and it doesn’t work . Tried it several times 9A92B06F-5B19-4477-A4D9-8DF903391C44.MP4
  18. How to change outline width and fill text on the iPad? On the desktop version you can change this but I can’t find it on the iPad version .
  19. I would buy no matter it’s price
  20. MichaelMeeuwissen

    Affinity photo used as a painting app

    My first painting with affinity photo on my iPad pro .