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  1. Here is a short video showing how to use the pencil tool with booleans as a workaround for the knife tool. You could also use the insert inside selection for the Red text. Select the Red text and then say the vector brush and paint inside to get the same effect.
  2. Was it just me or at the beginning of the video, didn't it look like there were three personas? But the two Personas to the right of Publisher, those look like the icons for Designer and Photo, no? So, are we literally going to have access to ALL of the features and functions of both Designer and Photo within Publisher?
  3. Yeah, it is why we can't have nice things for mobile! Many are just too cheap to pay for mobile apps. People also like to downplay that mobile devices are not powerful enough or just toys, that we should temper our enthusiasm for professional apps. I think all of that is just baloney. You look at the specs of the current iPad Pros and it is easy to see Apple bumping the next version to say an 8 core (4 high performance, 4 low performance), probably 8 GB of RAM, etc. I bought the 9.7" 2016 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and have been thrilled with it. Is it going to replace my Mac Pro? No. But as a companion device, for me take on the go it is damn near perfect for me, although I will probably buy the next 12.9" iPad Pro in 2018 if they produce one. But if we are ever going to have great apps for iOS, consumers/professionals have to be willing to pay for quality apps. Savage Interactive's Procreate is a great app and it is at version 4 now and all I have spent on it is $6 and I got the version 4 update for free. How do they make a profit? I would gladly have spent money for that update. You look at Lumatouch and their LumaFusion video editor for $20, a fair price in my opinion but I think most people will balk at spending additional money when say version 2.0 is ready. I look around and there are so many quality apps now, ever try Wooji Juices Ferrite Recording Studio? And now we have Celsys bringing Clip Studio Paint to the iPad although the pricing may be too extreme for that one. Over $100 per year? A mobile app that is more expensive then the desktop version? That seems crazy to me. Mobile apps on iOS are not just toys. You can get work down with Affinity Photo (and soon Designer), with Procreate and Clip Studio Paint, can edit videos and sound with LumaFusion and Ferrite Recording Studio. But if we want to see more of these apps come to iOS we need to support and pay these developers for their hard work. But it seems very daunting to me, my experience is that I am in the minority, that everybody else wants things to be free or cost $1 or $2. So, to get back to the original posters question, I can understand why Serif might not want to spend any additional time or money into developing for other mobile platforms.
  4. Mobile development is a tricky thing, and developers have my sympathy. I love my iPad Pro but I have had Samsung tablets in the past too. In my experience it just seems like my Android loving friends are cheap bastards! I tell them about an app or game coming to Android, they look at the price tag and roll their eyes. Not to be outdone, I have friends that are iOS fanboys and when they complain about the new Files app in iOS 11 being disappointing, I point them to Stratospherix FileBrowser. I use this little gem of an app to not only access my Dropbox, Google Drive but also any and all Hard Drives attached to either of my Mac Pros. There is a bit of a learning curve but it makes getting files on and off the iPad/iPhone much more manageable (and even enjoyable). So great, you would think these buddies of mine would jump at the chance to buy FileBrowser. But then they look at the $5.99 price tag and frown. What? Exactly! How can you make any money in mobile development when people are so damn cheap. I would gladly have paid the same $50 Desktop amount for Affinity Photo for iPad and the upcoming Affinity Designer for iPad. But Serif has priced them at $20? And then they have sales where you can pick up Photo for $10? And yet I still have a hard time convincing people to take the plunge and buy Photo for iPad. LumaTouch makes LumaFusion, which is this really incredible video editing app for the iPad/iPhone that cost $20. Again, I recommend it to people but the price tag gives them pause. I don't have any concrete stats to prove it, but I think iOS users are more willing to pay for more expensive apps but even that has limits. People have become so ingrained that mobile apps should be free or cost next to nothing.
  5. KipV, I can answer that question. The reason why I am not on the latest version of Mac OS, High Sierra is because I have a Mac Pro 2008. Yes, Apple gives us free Mac OS updates but they also leave behind hardware with every new release of the OS. So, even though I have an 8 core 3.0 GHz Xeon, with 32 GB of RAM, a PCI-e SSD card and replaced the original graphics card with something way better, Apple says my system is not compatible with High Sierra. Now, I didn't let that stop me with my older 2006 Mac Pro, I have hacked that to install Mac OS updates on it through the years, and I tried that with my 2008, but it just was not that stable and so I went back to El Capitan. It is stable and fast for me and I am able to run all of my software on it, Affinity, Toon Boom, etc. I am not interested in buying a Mac Book Pro or an iMac, I want another Mac Pro, a refreshed Mac Pro, that is hopefully coming in 2018. I want and need options that a tower provides. With my Mac Pros I was able to replace the CPUs, the hard drives, install faster graphics cards, put in newer bluetooth cards, etc. When you think about it, it is amazing that I have been able to use these two older towers for the past 10 years, I guess I can understand why Apple is reluctant to give us new Mac Pros, better to not produce them and force people to buy laptops or iMacs more frequently.
  6. When you are in the keyboard shortcuts preferences, check Pixel or Export from the menu and you should see Draw Persona with the shortcut Option-Command-R as seen in this screenshot:
  7. Hey Joe, I did a 10+ minute video showing how to color your art using Flats. If you go to YouTube and search for K Michael Russell he has a ton of video tutorials on this subject. He is a professional comic book colorist. He uses Photoshop and also Procreate on his iPad Pro but I have translated some of the techniques to show how to do it in Affinity Photo. In the process of using ScreenFlow to record this video I forgot to save my progress while using Photo, and then I ended up having a crash (probably due to ScreenFlow) and lost a good bit of the work I did in the Affinity Photo file. Sorry about that, I will include the Flats file but it shows the work in a much earlier state. Enough to see what I was doing anyway, hope it all helps, if you have any questions just ask. Flats.afphoto
  8. Howdy, Here is an 8 minute video showing how to use the Pencil tool with Stabilizer to carve into a Donut shape using Booleans to get the stain. Just one way of doing it.
  9. I have to wonder how feasible it would be for Serif to do what you suggest. People buy Chromebooks because of price right? I know people that love their Chromebooks and love the fact that they spent $150-200. But would these same people be willing to then spend $50 for Affinity Photo? Or $50 for Affinity Designer? My guess would be no, they would probably balk at paying so much for a single program, that is one-fourth or one-third the price that they spent for their Chromebook.
  10. In all fairness to Serif, this is not an easy thing to add. Adobe didn't offer it and I had to turn to Astute Graphics and their SubScribe plugin to do these tangent and perpendicular tasks. Too bad Astute Graphics and their tech isn't available for other software.... ..oh wait, AG is now licensing their tech to other companies beside Adobe? Serif + AG would be a great pairing and allow us to catch up with Illustrator.
  11. In both Designer and Photo you can go into separated mode for the user interface. I don't have a second monitor to test this out but in theory couldn't you make a new view, go to View/New View, and work with that on your main monitor/cintiq and have the other view on your second monitor. You should be able to rotate, zoom in and work in that new view and the other view will show the changes as you work. Just speculation on my part but give it a try.
  12. Yeah, as I said to DianeF in that other thread, Pixave is NOT going to replace Lightroom. I know people want some magical combination of say Bridge and Lightroom, etc, but I just don't see that happening. Also, for me, it is a matter of finding something close enough, not perfect and making it work. I have a lot of software but there isn't one app that is perfect. Each one usually requires some type of workaround at some point. It all boils down to this for me with Pixave, having an iPad app that works seamlessly with the desktop app. I have Affinity Photo for iPad, and I hope to soon have Affinity Designer for iPad, I have Procreate, I love using Lumatouch's LumaFusion, just started to play with Clip Studio Paint for iPad. The professional apps are coming to the iPad at a blistering pace now and I needed a DAM to make life easier and also to be available and accessible with my iPad. Pixave fits the bill perfectly for me. Can't install Adobe Bridge on my iPad Pro, can't install Phase One's Media Pro on my iPad Pro either, but I can install and use Pixave, and they have plans to make an iPhone version as well. Here is an example of different ways that I use Pixave, web capture and ePub generation: I love the Etherington Brothers work and Lorenzo has this series of How to Think When You Draw series of mini tutorials. So, use Pixave to web capture those tuts and then use the ePub export to create a file to easily digest all of that goodness in iBooks, which I can view on my desktop or iPad Pro: When I come across tutorials that are of great quality I usually give them this treatment, it allows me to organize and structure that learning. Pixave for me offers advantages and conveniences that I just don't get elsewhere, but you need to take the time to learn it, explore it and discover how it may benefit you.
  13. DianeF, Since you are on a Mac I recommend Pixave. Just this past month I bought Pixave for the desktop ($15) and Pixave for iPad ($8). They are also working on Pixave for iPhone too but it hasn't been released yet. Back in the day my favorite DAM was iView Media Pro but then Microsoft bought it and then it was acquired by Phase One and is now Media Pro. Sure, would be nice to have but I don't want to pay $189. So, I went on a quest and it led to me settling on Pixave. Here are two videos from Elaine Giles on Youtube: I have an iCloud account with more storage so I use the iCloud sync to set up my libraries. Whether I am on iPad or my Mac Pro I can add files, make changes and it all updates flawlessly so far for me. Will be even nicer when the iPhone app is available. I use Pixave to manage, organize my files, to make it easier to find things, tag things, etc. Pixave is not Lightroom and you will not use it to edit the file, perform image editing on it etc. Anyway, as I said, spent $23 instead of $189 for Media Pro and pretty happy with the results so far.
  14. This request comes up a lot, but I hope Serif does not bother with an NLE video editor or motion graphics app. On the Mac side you have Apple's Motion which goes for $50 to do motion graphics. For an NLE, Blackmagic Design offers a free version of DaVinci Resolve. The DaVinci Resolve Studio version is $300 and has more high end features but the free version is very capable. How can Serif compete with a free version of Resolve? Or even compete with Motion and its $50 price tag? They really can't and I would rather them concentrate and finish implementing features for Designer, Photo and finally get Publisher in our hands. They are a small company and I fear trying to develop too many programs would be a bad thing, they might stretch themselves too thin, lose focus, etc. Just my 2 cents.
  15. I have many of the Astute Plugins for Illustrator and it would really allow Serif to catch up and fill in glaring problems with Designer if they were able to license some of that tech. You look at the various forums and users pleading for offset path, better point reduction, improvements to the expand stroke, better more consistent booleans, users wanting something like the shape builder tool from Illustrator, the list goes on and on. Yes, Illustrator is some 30 years old but Designer doesn't need to go 30 years to catch up to some of their features. Please, please make this happen. I would gladly pay more for Designer if it had these missing features, especially if it was powered with some of this AG tech. Also, this is a smart move on Astute's part. There are so many vector apps popping up now, not just Affinity Designer, but other apps like Sketch, Gravit, Figma. I wonder too if their tech could be incorporated in some vector animation apps as well, like Harmony or Moho? Before they had just one revenue stream which was Adobe Illustrator users, but now, it could increase significantly.