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  1. Ok no need to reply. Problem has been sorted with the 337 update. Not checked the help pages or video support , but if it's not mentioned...might be an idea. Cheers, Hal,
  2. Could someone tell me how I unlink or turn off the flow between text frames? I thought it would be obvious , but can't find a way, nor do I see anything in the help pages or support videos. Cheers, Hal.
  3. Are there any tutorials available on using hyperlinks and anchors? The help topic is very basic and doesn't seem to work for me. I used to use this function years ago in the old serif product, so that I could create PDF files where I could generate a link from an index reference to the relevant page, but I can't get the hang of it now. So either it's me or it's a bug. Personally, I think it's me, but a good tutorial video on using Hyperlinks and Anchors would be a great help.
  4. Ok. I had previously tried checking and unchecking Show Guides Show in the View menu...with no joy. After sending the previous post with the screen grabs, I updated to and checked over again...the guides are now working - go figure?! 05 = after releasing cursor on Master Page - v.thin solid green line showing 06 = after releasing cursor on Document Page - v.thin pecked line showing
  5. Hi Jon, Here are the screenshots. 01 = Showing the green ruler guide overlaying the Master Page whist holding the cursor button down 02 = Same page after releasing the cursor button - NO green guideline over laying page, just a blue line in the Ruler bar. 03 = Same as 01, but on the Document Page and holding the cursor button down. - Green guide line showing and overlaying the page. 04 = Same as 02, but on the Document Page, after releasing the cursor button - NO green guideline over laying page, just a blue line in the Ruler bar. Hope this helps. Regards, Hal.
  6. Hi, I posted on the problem of Ruler Guide lines not showing some time last year and I thought it had been resolved. I tried just now, having updated to v. and have a similar problem. Ruler guides created in the Master pages do show on the master page... other than as a small line on the ruler edge. They do not show at all on the document page - either as pecked lines nor even on the edge of the ruler. Similarly, ruler guides created on the document page show on the ruler edge (both Vert & Horiz) but not on the page - they do not show at all in the Master page. Moreover the line that shows as one drags it out from the ruler (and does actually show as it moves over the page) is so thin it's only just visible - really needs to be a bit thicker. Also the guides manager seems to have no effect when it comes to defining colour for the guides. It does give the guides position, but that's about as helpful as it gets. Ideally, I'd like to specify from the manager a range of attributes to each guide line - eg. a name. colour, thickness, position, Any ideas? Cheers, Hal.
  7. Hi Walt, Thank for Show Special Characters info - I was too busy looking through the studio dropdown menus I've now solved the issue for my purposes (FYI) by:- a) closing down all studio menu boxes b) opening only those I wanted to use c) going back to the master and un checking the balance column function in all columns on both pages of the double page spread. I appreciate C may have solved the issue without needing to close the studio menus boxes. Cheers, Hal.
  8. Hi, I'm using latest version ( I created A5 doc (landscape spread, upright pages), with Master Page A for Front and back cover + Master page B for all other pages. On Master B I inserted text frames containing 2 columns on each page. In a document page to which I had assigned Master B, I instead text, copied from a PDF file, into the left-hand column. The text flowed halfway down the page then... continued flowing into the right hand column! I noticed that the text though was 'balanced' over its depth. I tried deleting the space to the left of the top line of text in the right hand column - meaning to delete any hidden formatting which may have caused the text to flow into the next column. However, it only caused the bottom line of left hand text to flow into the right hand column. Inspection of the text frames revealed a 'Balance' function that was ticked, which I unticked - but there was no change. I cannot find a way with Affinity Publisher to display any text formatting commands (i.e. as in MS-Word) so cannot be sure there isn't some hidden command causing the text to flow into the adjoining column before reaching the bottom of the column. Anyone any ideas?
  9. fde101 - OK, I created an 8 page A5 Booklet. Master A is the default double page spread. Master B single Page Master for Left Hand pages and Master C a single page master for Right Hand pages. Yes, one can can apply Master A to the doublepage spreads AND apply a single page Master (B or C) as appropriate on top of the spread master....HOWEVER ... The ruler measure only displays the base double-page spread ruler - so still no way to create multiple rulers. each with their own rule measure. :-(
  10. Also, it would require having 3 sets of rulers - 1 for the background master and 1 guide ruler for each of the pages - which might not be a bad thing H.
  11. Thanks fde101, but I can't see a way of copying and pasting a Master into a Master - any ideas? Hal.
  12. Chris-K, Thanks. I tried that and it works..but... On a double-page (DP) spread, as far as I can see the master guides are still linked to the whole of the DP background rather than to each page on the background. Obviously, it’s better to see the pages together rather as single pages - and I suspect from a topic I raised earlier, pages need to be set as facing pages for impositioning anyway. I guess I’m making a plea for masters guides linked to the whole of a DB spread background and a separate set of guides linked to each page. That way I could arrange items in relation to the origin point of the Spread ... and with the page guides place items in relation to the page edge without having to calculate where things fall from one page to another.
  13. i set it up as an A5 doc with facing pages checked. The default display on the pages menu is for 4 pages - i.e. 2 A5 portrait pages on each side of 1 A4 landscape sheet of paper - the 'spread'. The Master view side bar - displays two portrait A5 pages sitting butted together down the vertical centre line of a master A4 landscape checkerboard background (the 'baseboard'). The grid is anchored to the master background A4 'spread'. In the pages view side bar - Page 1 (the front cover) displays as a single page, pages 2&3 as a spread & page 4 as single page (the back page). so, when it comes to guides, the master for spreads is also the master for the single pages. As I said, this makes it very difficult to create positioning guides to individual pages when they don't share the same origin in relation to their edges. ideally, I'd like to have a master guide for the background 'baseboard' and separate guidelines for each of the master pages - does that make sense? Cheers, H.
  14. Hi, I created an A5 page with facing pages which (Iguess) creates a default A4 spread. I set the master to display guides which covered the entire spread. However, instead of creating guides for each of the 2 pages on the spread, the guides started the origin at top left of spread (of page 1) and end at bottom right (of page 2) but seem to treat the spread as one page. This means that the guides fall at different places in relation to the edges of each document page, meaning object do not fall in the same place from one page to another. How do I get guides that work the same on each page rather than setting up guides in a master (which is of different dimensions)? Cheers, Hal.
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