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  1. Hi, I created an A5 page with facing pages which (Iguess) creates a default A4 spread. I set the master to display guides which covered the entire spread. However, instead of creating guides for each of the 2 pages on the spread, the guides started the origin at top left of spread (of page 1) and end at bottom right (of page 2) but seem to treat the spread as one page. This means that the guides fall at different places in relation to the edges of each document page, meaning object do not fall in the same place from one page to another. How do I get guides that work the same on each page rather than setting up guides in a master (which is of different dimensions)? Cheers, Hal.
  2. fde101 - OK, I created an 8 page A5 Booklet. Master A is the default double page spread. Master B single Page Master for Left Hand pages and Master C a single page master for Right Hand pages. Yes, one can can apply Master A to the doublepage spreads AND apply a single page Master (B or C) as appropriate on top of the spread master....HOWEVER ... The ruler measure only displays the base double-page spread ruler - so still no way to create multiple rulers. each with their own rule measure. :-(
  3. Also, it would require having 3 sets of rulers - 1 for the background master and 1 guide ruler for each of the pages - which might not be a bad thing H.
  4. Thanks fde101, but I can't see a way of copying and pasting a Master into a Master - any ideas? Hal.
  5. Chris-K, Thanks. I tried that and it works..but... On a double-page (DP) spread, as far as I can see the master guides are still linked to the whole of the DP background rather than to each page on the background. Obviously, it’s better to see the pages together rather as single pages - and I suspect from a topic I raised earlier, pages need to be set as facing pages for impositioning anyway. I guess I’m making a plea for masters guides linked to the whole of a DB spread background and a separate set of guides linked to each page. That way I could arrange items in relation to the origin point of the Spread ... and with the page guides place items in relation to the page edge without having to calculate where things fall from one page to another.
  6. i set it up as an A5 doc with facing pages checked. The default display on the pages menu is for 4 pages - i.e. 2 A5 portrait pages on each side of 1 A4 landscape sheet of paper - the 'spread'. The Master view side bar - displays two portrait A5 pages sitting butted together down the vertical centre line of a master A4 landscape checkerboard background (the 'baseboard'). The grid is anchored to the master background A4 'spread'. In the pages view side bar - Page 1 (the front cover) displays as a single page, pages 2&3 as a spread & page 4 as single page (the back page). so, when it comes to guides, the master for spreads is also the master for the single pages. As I said, this makes it very difficult to create positioning guides to individual pages when they don't share the same origin in relation to their edges. ideally, I'd like to have a master guide for the background 'baseboard' and separate guidelines for each of the master pages - does that make sense? Cheers, H.
  7. I’m reposting this from a different grouping which I mistakenly sent it... Hi, I used to use PagePlus on my PC to create multipage A5 centre stapled booklets printed via my Desktop printer on A4 paper. PagePlus could create imposition PDF files that I could then be saved and used to print the booklets. PagePlus's ability to sort the pages into the required printing order - including putting the front page and back page together made life a dream. I can't see how to end up with the same result using Affinity Publisher on my iMac, or even to get it to print direct from Publisher. Can anyone help? Thanks, Hal.
  8. oldwestern

    Impositioning on iMac

    Ok, that worked. Thanks again. Cheers, Hal.
  9. oldwestern

    Impositioning on iMac

    Thanks, I’ll try that.
  10. Thanks Walt Farell, I’ll repost in the appropriate group.
  11. Hi, I used to use PagePlus on my PC to create multipage A5 centre stapled booklets printed via my Desktop printer on A4 paper. PagePlus would create imposition PDF files that I could then save or print to produce the booklets. PagePlus's ability to sort the pages into order - including putting the front page and back page together made life a dream. I can't see how to end up with the same result using Affinity Publisher on my iMac. Can anyone help? Thanks, Hal.
  12. I've edited the original post and corrected my error.
  13. So sorry v-kyr, I was wrong to say Designer - it was the latest version of Publisher that I used.
  14. What it says on the tin... Do you have a release date for Publisher yet? This year, next year, sometime, ever? Regards, Hal.
  15. I had asked the question, or at least a similar question earlier, last year I think, and was told it was expcted to be pit this summer. Rather dissapointed that ot's taking so long.
  16. Hi, Is there any further news on an Affinity DTP product to replace Serif's PagePlus? Cheers, Hal.
  17. Glad to hear that. Sooner, the better, Affinity. Sooner the better.
  18. Dies it remain the company's intention to launch such a product?
  19. oldwestern

    Page Plus X5

    Hi, Any news on when the Affinity version of PagePlus will be released?
  20. What plans, if any, are there to move the existing legacy products over to Affinity? I'm particularly interested to know what the plans are regarding PagePlus. Is tha something Affinity is working on? Cheers, H.
  21. Thanks for this information, though not at all what I wanted to hear. While I'm glad that, at last, with Affinity, there's a product range mimicing the versatility (and price) of Serif's X range, designed to work across all platforms (PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile), I cannot understand why no one thought to incorporate a way to translare/transfer Serif X range to Affinity. I'm not alone in having numerous (hundreds) of files containing all sorts of text, picture and/or drawings, each with complex format settings - and that it comes as a blow to lean that the only way to get files incorporated is by importing them as PDFs. Is there no way to provide a fle conversion utility - I'm sure it would be welcomed - heck, I'd even pay for it!
  22. Can't see that PagePlus (windows) file types are supported in Affinity for Mac (running Sierra). is there a way to import my old Windows Vista PagePlus files (.ppp) into Affinity?
  23. Think I've sorted it. In Affinity for Mac v1.5.1 After selecting picture frame tool, select 'media' in the drop down box, then select picture you want, then press return. screen grab attached
  24. When I try to import a picture into a picture frame, the path dialogue box leads to the photo app (which is greyed out) and I can't see any of the files/pics. Can you help? Cheers, Hal.