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  1. WOW WOW WOW....I need to get started with Designer again, but been too busy with new job :-(
  2. Thanks all! My pleasure Matt! :-) anything that can promote this great software is important!!
  3. @MEB Thank you for the good explanation of the idea behind the lock later behavior. It now makes sense to me, however it still gets in the way of May work flow to have object ending up in locked layers. So I would really like your idea of a preference option to disallow objects ending up in locked layers, as you suggest.
  4. I do get what you mean. I really bothers me too the Layer lock thing where new objects place themself in a locked layer. For me a locked layer is a locked layer, no changes at all should be possible.
  5. That would be nice to have in someway, for crude technical drawings. I usually just make a line with points on top of eachother. Hope the image makes sense. Numbers representing click order.
  6. That is very nicely done. A few suggestions: I miss the plastic divisions that surround the antenna areas. You see a little also from the front An idea would also be to give a little highlight on the edges of the buttons The active screen area I would like just to make slightly more visible, as you normally see that when the screen is active. Also a very tiny highlight around the speaker opening will just make it perfect. The camera lens is really good !!! Keep up the good work.
  7. Hi, I would love to see the image, but I use MAS version. Any chance you can also post a PNG?
  8. Actually it was not, taking too much time (I think 1 hour in total) :) With "ronniemcbride's" suggestion to use custom brushes it is even faster to do! But still using that way it would be much faster if there had been a blend curves function :rolleyes: Every time I open up AD, I find new ways, and I become much more impressed the maturity AD is at just at version 1, really well done!!!
  9. Thanks for your advice! I will try a play around with the custom brushes, as it looks easy and very powerfull. As you have seen on some of my AD work I really like to use gradients :-)
  10. Hi, My absolutely favourite designs from Porsche Design is their fountain pen, so why not see how AD could some gradient work to render it? Would have been great to have blend curves for this! Br, Philip
  11. Me too??? Is it because they are done in/for the Beta version.? I try and import in MAD version.
  12. Wow, super feel to this. Great colors, really sets the mood.
  13. Something really fascinating about this! I really like it, great job.
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