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  1. Edit: I mistakenly posted something that was incorrect about layer locking. I can't delete the post so this is my edit.
  2. I love using Designer even though I have an Adobe subscription and have used Illustrator for years. However, one thing that is SOOOO frustrating about Designer is no true "layer lock". I have wasted sooo much time doing work only to find out that I was accidentally working on a "locked layer". Procreate also has a layer lock. It's a working necessity! I had hoped that the 1.9 version had included that, but alas....
  3. Midnight Run to the Outhouse I did this in Pixel Persona.
  4. I've been doing this graphic novel as a first project in Designer to compare it to Illustrator. I'm pleasantly surprised with how easy Designer is to use and get professional results. This is the cover from the Book of Esther in the bible.
  5. I am learning the in and outs of Designer and love it. I find myself using it more than Illustrator for projects now. One of the (few) problems I'm having is that when I will lock a layer then continue working and I will realize that the layer was somehow unlocked and I am editing in what was supposed to be a locked layer. For instance today I placed a scanned reference image and locked it. Then I created a pixel working layer on top of it. After a couple dozen brush stokes I realized that the brush strokes were being created on the supposedly locked layer. And the locked image layer had been rasterized. This has happened before when working strictly in a vector project. Is this a bug or do I need to do something else besides clicking the lock icon to truely lock a layer? I am using Windows 10 and a Huion drawing tablet.
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