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  1. My mistake. I should have said CMD + scroll (not Option + scroll). I did follow your advice went to Preferences > Tools and was able to turn off the Enable rotation with CMD + scroll wheel and that did the trick. Thank you very much! Bill
  2. Then I wish Option/Scroll to "rotate" the canvas was removed as a "feature" (or was at least deselectable by a user). I find it easy to accidentally rotate the canvas myself. At least I learned from you how to undo it. Bill
  3. Sorry for the late response, but your tip worked. Thank you very much @R C-R @Dan C if "rotation" could be added to the history step (and therefore CMD-Z reversible) in future releases, I'd be grateful. Bill
  4. I really like using the Command/Scroll feature in Affinity Photo to zoom on images. Sometimes I find myself inadvertently holding down Option instead of Command and accidently rotating the canvas. User error. Thus far I have not discovered a way to "undo" the move (other than painstakingly trying to re-rotate the canvas by eye). Command Z doesn't work. Shift Option Scroll doesn't lock one into 90 degree angles. Other than being more careful, are there any tips for undoing an undesired rotation? Thanks, Bill
  5. Amazing work! When I saw this I called in my son who is 16 and is just getting into doing design work in Affinity and Sketchup (the latter through a virtual high school drafting class where he's designing a home) to show him just how cool and photorealistic renderings made with a vector program like Designer could look. Nice job. Bill
  6. I've loved seeing the evolution of the design and been impressed with the incisive feedback you have been getting here. Here is my constructive criticism on the latest design. My main issues at this point are with the banner and the typographical style in the club's name and motto. I agreed with earlier critiques that urged you away from 3D-type beveling and embossing and feel the changes you implemented improved the design. But this computer generated look has crept back in in the textual elements and the use of grads in the banner and IMO it detracts. Not sure about the font used and the characters seem crowded. I wish the grads in the banner text were more 2-D looking (more in keeping with the flags). The motto below also seems awkward typographically. I also feel you have lost the sense of flags being "crosses" (especially the Danish and Finnish flags) relative to the earlier versions (which I prefered in that regard). Nit-pick aside, I think this is awesome work. I'd have kept my mouth shut otherwise. Great work! Bill
  7. I've recommended Affinity Photo to an online friend whose primary use for a pixel editor is to scan rare album covers (in sections) and then merge them together. He's been paying $20 a month for Photoshop because the "Automatic Photomerge" feature makes his life easy . Do we have such a feature in Affinity Photo? Thanks in advance, Bill
  8. I just made the same request (but miss posted the thread in Designer requests), but would also add an "Ignore Text Wrap" option with a right-click. Bill
  9. By either name— [Control Long Click] or [Control Half Click]—I think it would be good to have a contextual menu for "Ignore Text Wraps" there. Bill
  10. Holding down the mouse w/o releasing it is what I call a "half-click." What do you call that? Thanks again for helping me out last night Walt!!! Your tips saved me. Very grateful! Bill
  11. The title says it all. I was saved by forum members last night who pointed me to ways to overcome the Text Wrap tool for captions by either grouping the text with an image or by turning on "Ignore Text Wrap" quality under the "Text Frame" panel, but it sure makes sense to me to include the "Ignore Test Wrap" option under a [Control Half Click] pulldown. Just used Publisher for the first time on a report and love it, BTW. All the best, Bill
  12. Great to Have another option GarryP! This is my first time using Publisher on a project--always a great idea to use a new tool under deadline--and it is cool. But this one little snag was messing up completion of the report. It is awesome to have fellow Affinity users who help out people in a jam, like me. I really appreciate it! Bill
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