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    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Thank you so much for these tools. I have been looking for something to accomplish this task that was this simple. Much appreciated. I will add for anyone who is unsure how to import these tools that if one goes to the "Styles" tab there is a tool selection icon that drops down the option to Import Styles Catagory. Best, Bill
  2. I respectfully disagree, Walt. I've used AP since it was in beta and wasn't aware one could link to the forum through the Help pulldown until you mentioned it. I think there are small percentages that a new user would discover this on their own. The forum links are precisely buried as I described. They are not on the home page, except by clicking through to a submenu and there is is not a "bolded" option, but rather buried under "Company." The forums and tutorials are better featured at the bottom of the individual program pages, but such features should be on the home page IMO. Bill
  3. Good tip. It also works on Mac OS. I still think links to the website should be more prominent. The experience of a new user who has access to all the great tutorials and support from Affinity/Serif and fellow users here on the forum vs one who isn't aware of these resources would be hugely different. Bill
  4. Happy New Year and my apologies for not having the perfect place to post this topic. As a user, I've found this forum to be an invaluable source of information and inspiration over the years. Between the forum and the well-produced tutorials, any issues (learning curves) with transitioning to Affinity products were greatly diminished. I'm a fan. When I've recommended Affinity software to others, I always suggest looking at the forum and the tutorials. But right now the link to the forums seems "buried" on the Serif/Affinity website. There is no link on the homepage and only by clicking through to the menu and then looking under the options for "Company" is it discoverable. I had trouble finding it this morning (and I knew what I was looking for). I'd consider making a link to the forum much more prominent. Best, Bill
  5. William Cartwright

    Need Help Correcting “Farmer’s” Tan on Subjects Arm

    There might be a more elegant way to accomplish the feat, but since no one else chimed in I will post how I attacked the photo. These adjustments were applied to a duplicate layer and then masked to contain just the problematic "farmer's tan" portion of the photo. Effects stacked from top to bottom. HSL: Saturation Shift -60% Luminance Shift -10% Brightness/Contrast: B= 44% C =90% Curves: Trickiest to describe. In the bottom left square create a node at about the midpoint of that square and pull diagonally (down and to the right) to darken tattoos. Levels: Black 4% White 97% Gamma 0.737% Color Balance: Shadows C/R 13 M/G 5 Y/B 36, Midrange C/R 12 M/G 15 Y/B -24, Highlights C/R -26 M/G -12 Y/B -24 Mask Layer: I used an Empty Mask Layer and painted it using White in the mask layer (with some feathering). Hope this helps! ETA: Done on Mac, not iPad. Hope all translates. Bill
  6. William Cartwright

    The Hicks Syndicate - “Vintage poster”

    I like it a lot. Moto Sickles seems strange to be, but if that's his branding, so be it. Constructive criticisms: 1) I don't like that the "Moto Sickles" text crowds into the "Syndicate" banner. I'd adjust. 2) IMO the "God loves 'em Devils Ride 'em" text could use some kerning, especially reducing the spaces between words somewhat and possibly also spreading the text a little. Not yet balanced to my eye. 3) Maybe go a little brighter on The Hicks Initiative so as to draw ones eye to the brand. Bill
  7. William Cartwright

    [AP] Colorization

    @EZeemering this is superb work! I've done a little colorization myself and am very impressed with the images here. Is there any chance you could re-upload the video? The link appears to be expired. Cheers, Bill
  8. Also, if I sent a document from AP to AD it shows up normally. Bill
  9. I must have blundered somehow, but I have a number of open AD projects (with many layers in each). When I tab through, all I see is a black screen. When a layer is selected a "blue" bounding box pops up (on a black background), so the layer is selected (and I can see the layer icon in the layer panel), but I have some setting or view selection messed up. I've reset the Studio and tried on my own to resolve this. Anyone have a fix? Bill
  10. Thanks to all. I couldn't figure this out myself and appreciate the help! Too bad about lacing perspective. That's a huge hole. Bill
  11. I'm having such a blast playing with Designer. A couple things escape me. One. Is there a way to have vector brushes paint only within a selection? I assume there must be a way to accomplish this, but I can't figure it out. Two. Is there a way to add perspective (distortion) to vector-based type or shapes in Designer. I could do this with rasterized shapes in AP, but I'm trying to do some vector-only projects to build my skills. What a great program!!! Bill
  12. I just tried not making a new layer to add a text layer, but—again—if there is a text layer in the area of the document I click on with the text tool selected the layer selection shifts to that older layer. It is exactly the same behavior as with trying to create a new layer first. Either way, the text tool switches the active layer to a previous layer. Turning off competing layers seems to work, but it isn't a pleasant workaround. Bill
  13. I did not have the "Show Selection in Layers" preference selected, but the change has not addressed my issue. If I have a bunch of underlying layers, then I create a new layer (that I intend to add type to), after I click on the type tool and then onto the document the "selected layer" shifts from the "new layer" to one of the previously built underlying layers. If there is a portion of the document that has no underlying layer, them I'm OK. But with a busy composition with lots of layers, I can't seem to easily keep the selection on the "new layer" instead on an underlying one. Bill
  14. Yes, I have the text tool selected. However if there is (for example) a large design element under where I hope to add new text, once I click on the document the layer switches to an "underneath" layer. I hope that's clear.
  15. First, I'm absolutely loving Designer. I've been a pretty advanced pixel editor using PS for decades (and now a fan of AP), but—aside from a few typographic elements—I always felt incompetent with Illustrator. In contrast, I use Designer all the time and love it. One (newbie) problem I had recently occurred when designing a T-shirt for the youth Lacrosse team I coach to commemorate their (improbable, but well-earned) undefeated season. I had a lot of layers in the design and found that when I created a new "Text layer" that as soon as I tried to type in the new layer the selected layer would change to a different layer. I used different workarounds, including turning off overlapping layers and even composing new text layers in a seperate document a pasting them in, but I assume there is a better way to force text onto a new text layer rather than having the selected layer switch to a different (overlapping) layer? Appreciate the help. Bill