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  1. William Cartwright

    Text wrap studio and right-click needed

    I just made the same request (but miss posted the thread in Designer requests), but would also add an "Ignore Text Wrap" option with a right-click. Bill
  2. By either name— [Control Long Click] or [Control Half Click]—I think it would be good to have a contextual menu for "Ignore Text Wraps" there. Bill
  3. Holding down the mouse w/o releasing it is what I call a "half-click." What do you call that? Thanks again for helping me out last night Walt!!! Your tips saved me. Very grateful! Bill
  4. The title says it all. I was saved by forum members last night who pointed me to ways to overcome the Text Wrap tool for captions by either grouping the text with an image or by turning on "Ignore Text Wrap" quality under the "Text Frame" panel, but it sure makes sense to me to include the "Ignore Test Wrap" option under a [Control Half Click] pulldown. Just used Publisher for the first time on a report and love it, BTW. All the best, Bill
  5. Great to Have another option GarryP! This is my first time using Publisher on a project--always a great idea to use a new tool under deadline--and it is cool. But this one little snag was messing up completion of the report. It is awesome to have fellow Affinity users who help out people in a jam, like me. I really appreciate it! Bill
  6. Ah! You asked the right question, Walt. I was NOT in the Publisher persona when I was checking the Studio selections. Thank you so much!!! You've really saved me. A quick test and this appear to be working. I "overslept" a little, but this fix more than compensates for the time. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! Bill
  7. Hi @GarryP, thanks for reaching out. I'm posting an image that shows (more or less) what I want (I will have more detail than "Picture on the back of a horse," but it makes the point. One problem I have is I don't see how to activate the "Text Frame" panel. I assumed it would "turn on" by View>Studio>Text Frame. However, I'm not seeing Text Frame as an option. I appreciate any help. I'm working on a deadline--must finish tomorrow. It is 3:17 am here and I barely got sleep last night, so I'm off to grab a couple of hours of sleep. I'll check back in later. Thank you! Bill
  8. I'm not sure where that is or how to access it. This will turn off the text wrap for one (or more) text blocks while leaving the body text to wrap? I appreciate any clues of how to use this tool. Bill
  9. I'm doing a report and loving the text wrap feature in Publisher for the main body text. However, I need to add descriptions under the artworks I'm using. This is separate from the body text. The "text wrap" feature is presenting me from putting any sub-text where I need it. Is there an easy way to override the text wrap for this descriptive sub-text. Thanks for any ideas! Bill
  10. William Cartwright

    Simple hatching styles | Einfach Schraffur Stile

    Thank you so much for these tools. I have been looking for something to accomplish this task that was this simple. Much appreciated. I will add for anyone who is unsure how to import these tools that if one goes to the "Styles" tab there is a tool selection icon that drops down the option to Import Styles Catagory. Best, Bill
  11. I respectfully disagree, Walt. I've used AP since it was in beta and wasn't aware one could link to the forum through the Help pulldown until you mentioned it. I think there are small percentages that a new user would discover this on their own. The forum links are precisely buried as I described. They are not on the home page, except by clicking through to a submenu and there is is not a "bolded" option, but rather buried under "Company." The forums and tutorials are better featured at the bottom of the individual program pages, but such features should be on the home page IMO. Bill
  12. Good tip. It also works on Mac OS. I still think links to the website should be more prominent. The experience of a new user who has access to all the great tutorials and support from Affinity/Serif and fellow users here on the forum vs one who isn't aware of these resources would be hugely different. Bill
  13. Happy New Year and my apologies for not having the perfect place to post this topic. As a user, I've found this forum to be an invaluable source of information and inspiration over the years. Between the forum and the well-produced tutorials, any issues (learning curves) with transitioning to Affinity products were greatly diminished. I'm a fan. When I've recommended Affinity software to others, I always suggest looking at the forum and the tutorials. But right now the link to the forums seems "buried" on the Serif/Affinity website. There is no link on the homepage and only by clicking through to the menu and then looking under the options for "Company" is it discoverable. I had trouble finding it this morning (and I knew what I was looking for). I'd consider making a link to the forum much more prominent. Best, Bill

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