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  1. Yes this is badly needed. At the moment there is no way to invert colour negatives in AP with consistent succes. Each and every file must be done by hand and on eye. Which is not doable. The curve panel, but I imagine also the other panels, need the option to set the white and black points. Also there must be a way to save the edited nodes on the curve lines.
  2. EZeemering

    Weathering with Brushes

    Cool, nice work. I used to do this kinda stuff for game skins
  3. At work I still have the CC suit. And that won't go anywhere soon since the whole market is still focused on Adobe. But at home it's really Affinity only, apart from Bridge and Camera Raw.
  4. EZeemering

    Colourising contest

    There's a little colourising contest for those who like play or practice with Affinity Photo. Three photo's are available to choose from. The winner gets a book Details here at the Romanovs100 facebook page
  5. EZeemering

    [AP] Colorization

    Almost done, one more to go. The general response on the series was very good, but what impressed me most was the positive response from some of the family members.
  6. EZeemering

    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)

    Great work! As scuba diver I can emphasize the problem. Although I really like the quietness of the sea in general (it's very therapeutic), once you come near a harbor the noise is unbearable. Especially motorboats are notorious noise polluters.
  7. Hmm I find that lanczos works better for downsizing. I haven't touched bicubic in the last couple of builds tho.
  8. EZeemering

    [AP] Colorization

    Should have started this project earlier, haven't seen the sun at all this weekend Hope to finish the whole project next weekend. In the mean time a side-by-side comparison.
  9. EZeemering

    Mk1 Golf GTI, v2 Progress (AD)

    How can you not be interested in the (imo) best looking race car ever build
  10. EZeemering

    Mk1 Golf GTI, v2 Progress (AD)

    So impressive! Do you take requests?
  11. EZeemering

    Isometric Dub Siren

    Super clean illustration!
  12. EZeemering

    Action Figure Photography (iPad Pro)

    Over time I have bought action figures solely for this purpose, but they are all still in the box hehe. Good stuff, and I really like the idea of a custom miniature studio.
  13. EZeemering

    [AP] Colorization

    I started publishing the series. Since the pilots all fell between 10 and 15 May. But then, of course, people with more historical knowledge than me pointed out some facts and I found new uniform references. So even though half of them are finished now they still need tweaks here and there. Luckily that's no problem for AF
  14. EZeemering

    Colourisation - Vietnam War

    Heh, you're on a roll. Looks like we have a new colourist in our midst
  15. EZeemering

    Colourisation - Part2

    That's a good start. But one layer won't cut it for such a hi-res image. Normally I go for 3 base layers of red, yellow and blue. Here's a good explanation https://wannabeanimator.tumblr.com/post/88311875187 on how to paint on said layers. After that it's just looking at a lot of reference photo's for the details. One thing that helped me a great deal was not looking for how-to-colourise tutorials but searching for paint tutorials, esp. oil painting. How they mix colours, and how to create certain effects can be applied to digital as well..