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  1. Well the photo is nice and the dog is a cutie. But without the original shot it's hard to judge what has been done in AP.
  2. Thanks MEB. More than happy to share my work while I still fiddle around with various techniques. Last two days I was playing around with AP's native blend mode instead of the cumbersome luminosity masks. Was a bit counter-intuitive at first but once you get the hang of it, it produces stellar results. I'll stick to them for a while Background story here on my FB page.
  3. Awesome work!
  4. This one was nice to work on. A good quality photo helps a lot!
  5. Last ode to a fallen comrade. A very powerful image but the original is very grainy, so it was tough to work on.
  6. Excellent work. Seems like a nice way to learn AD. I got stuck using AD, but I might try this one time. Can you point out some tutorials or explain how you achieved this?
  7. I use a gradient overlay as a base layer for the foliage. With a desaturated dark green for the dark areas and a bit more saturated green for the light areas. On top of that one or two extra layers for some variety.
  8. I prefer to work on photo's from my own collection. Like this one. I own the original negative, it was taken over 100 years ago somewhere in France.
  9. @jer thx for the heads up. You can get away with the Photoshop tutorials, the basics are the same really. You just have to translate it into the new tooling of Affinity. But I must say I haven't seen a tutorial yet which mimics my techniques. So yeah, I might do a tutorial someday.
  10. Was a bit sidetracked due to holidays and other stuff. Still enjoying AP!
  11. Some nice shots there. Bit heavy on the editing but that's personal taste I guess. But you need to clean your sensor tho (The spot in lower left corner)
  12. Here's one of an ongoing serie about the liberation of the city Hengelo (NL). It shows Lt. Gaiger with crew who's tank survived an attack with 3 Panzerfausts.
  13. Lovely work!
  14. Well ... he is German :D Seriously. Love the artwork. Is the disintegration effect brushed in or did you use a plugin or the sorts?