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  1. Hello Affinity-Team and Forum-Members like in Aldus Pagemaker, Word, Quark Xpress (through Xtension), (guess Freehand did also) and even Apples actual TextEdit there is/was the Option to select Text in a vertical direction/way. That means you can select ‚over the line‘ in Tab-formated Text for example to format rows (thick, bold, colored Prices f.e.) without using a real table!! Know what I mean? We, a team of 6 Designers use it very often and have to do so Line-by-Line because we are using InDesign that, to sad, also does NOT offer this kind of Textselection! Try editing some Text in Apples TextEdit using the Alt-Key selecting Text in that way to know what I mean …!! Could/will you implement that in the next or further Versions of AP?? This would be great and a very unique Selling-point for AP for sure! In case of implementing you could do such like this (see attachment)! Or is there any workaround for this?? Thanks o lot Rigor