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  1. In 2017 or 2018, I purchased Affinity Designer. It is currently not showing up on my Affinity account. Its possible that I purchased it without signing into email. I'm wondering if there is any information I can provide to demonstrate proof of purchase. The reason is because I will be transferring to a new computer, and thus would like to be able to download my affinity programs onto the new computer as well. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. I'm wondering if this is possible. Scenario: I buy Affinity Publisher on my Computer for Windows and then give the person the product key and register it under his email.
  3. I've always seen the two of these options on the "new document" selection and I'm not sure what the difference is.
  4. I bought designer 1 year ago for Mac and I'm wondering if I upgrade to the newest version, if I will have to repurchase the program.
  5. Myself and someone else consistently work on the same file. I will email him version 1.0. He will email me version 2.0. I will email him version 3.0 et cetera. It would be extremely nice if there were a way where we didn't have to go through these emailing hassles, and rather - could simply save it to dropbox or some other online-file sharing website automatically.
  6. I like working in Affinity Publisher for because it opens up the option for having lots of pages in the same file. I've started thinking about creating all vectors and wireframes in publisher, and I'm just curious as to what I may be missing out by using Publisher over affinity for these simple vectors / shapes / diagramming.
  7. I'm using a version of Designer from 1 year ago version 1.6.1. Publisher has a "check for updates" option. I'm looking to update Designer, but I can't find where the 'updates' option is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Is there a way to edit the content of a SVG file within affinity? The main goal of this post is to expediate the workflow of: 1. Create a SVG File 2. Export it as SVG. 3. Open it as a text file. 4. Make modifications. 5. Copy and paste resultant to a HTML web page I'm working on. Ideally, the workflow would be 1. Doing work on Affinity 2. Open up the "text content" of the SVG while working in Affinity. 3. Make changes to the text and directly copy and paste to somewhere else.
  9. I know affinity designer can. I'm just feeling a little bit lazy right now, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can do it directly in Publisher without having to port over to designer.
  10. For example: I want a guide at exactly 0.34 inches. usually, I just have to drag the guides until I get it there, or create some object at .34 inches and then match the guide to it. It would be nice if the guide itself had a way of setting precise measurements.
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