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Sure. Well all the brushes I use are default brushes. Basically I use two tools.

The paint tool with default brushes

my favorite is under the Basic Category > round light brush  (different sizes)  

The settings in the context tool bar at the top of the UI  should generally be set to 

Opacity  50% or less 

Flow 50% or less

hardness= 0%

Sometimes I may increase the flow to greater than 50% is I need more paint applied.

But you want to build up the paint layer slowly.

Of course, I will  use  other brushes for textural effects .

Second tool is the smudge tool ( for blending and smoothing the paint areas)

Now in case you haven't figured it out , the smudge tool will default to using whatever brush you have selected  with your painting tool. 

In other words, lets say you are using a fancy brush with the paint tool, it may happen that when you switch to the smudge tool,

it may be that the smudge tool will be using the same fancy brush for blending. What I have found out is that not all types of  brushes work well with the smudge tool.

To insure that I get a nice, predictable , controllable blend I only use the basic brushes ( mainly the light rounds) for blending with the smudge tool.

Here is an explanation I made a few months ago about blending in AP


I also use the liquify persona a lot to make adjustments in my painting. Using liquify is   like 2d Sculpting.

One more thing,  in painting the hair, I will block in the general shape with a large basic light round brush and then for hair detail, will move to a smaller brush set to 100% hardness with the stabilizer enabled---Rope option----- length =3.5

Hope this helps you.

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