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  1. @Gabe I cant believe I didn't think about the obvious . I rarely use the buttons on my stylus pen and forgot that the driver automatically has the SWITCH BRUSH option activated on the stylus pen. Needless to say "problem solved". Thanks for triggering my brain to think properly.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Very annoying, Im also using HUION GT-221 Pro Monitor on WINDOWS 10 as well. My stylus doesnt have an eraser on the end that I'm aware of.
  3. @LibreTraining As far as any issues with the beta version, I wouldnt know as it crashes before ever fulling running AD. since my full version is working I havent set time to experiment with the issues of the beta version
  4. @GaryLearnTech YOU ARE AEWSOME....THAT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna have to tell my client that the fonts would have to be changed THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  5. @GarryP Thanks for the critique, yes he is going for a more calmed down energy with his future productions. the first one I created also so thanks for the compliment. As far as the smoke goes, its to bring depth and a dark mysterious vibe as hes and fantasy/scifi/horror fan. The smoke is a symbol for fog over graveyards, ghost, and for symbolizing mysteriousness. I tried just a plain black background at first but it was just boring on the eyes, as you can see I've purposely left out the Tron grid (since most logos referring to the 80s usually have it their art...trying to make it a little different i guess). Thats a great point on the length of the logo, and its safe to say that I actually have it covered, as when I created this logo, 'though it looks as one,' there is actually 3 versions of it in this set (I probably shouldve uploaded all 3 lol): The full version (Holy, Skitxo, and the Crucifix) The secondary version (Holy, Skitxo w/o the crucifix) Third Version (Skitxo, and the Crucifix): as the the crucifix on average universally stands for Holy and then skitxo across the crucifix. and the smoke in the background is only for this display, he will have the logo itself alone with future projects or however he decides to add it to his future projects. Im a really a huge fan of symbols, so I try to go for more logos that are memorable versus being politically correct. For instance the "Novant Health" logo, most people dont realize its negative space that creates the N and H but when explained, people finally understand (including myself, i didn't understand it at first until i stared at it LOL. I really appreciate the feedback mate. Thank you
  6. Re-designed my Clients Music Artist's logo for a stronger and yet simple feel. The old logo might still be here (www.soundcloud.com/HolySKITXO) Critiques and Compliments appreciated.
  7. UPDATE! Today I did some experimenting and figured out why my printer and Affinity Designer weren't communicating with each other. I then went into print settings and and set my document to 72 dpi and RASTERIZE ENTIRE PAGE. The file printed but was very low quality. Next I changed the settings to 300 dpi and RASTERIZE ENTIRE PAGE. eureka!!! The file printed in crisp quality but the Black text was a little lighter than usual, could be low on ink but I'm pressed for time and will follow up later. I Hope this helps.
  8. Yes I've had a similar issue, but I just export to PDF and print with PDFescape. Other than that and minor bugs that don't phase me, Affinity Photo & Designer have still been a fresh of fresh air.
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