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  1. tranmautritam

    UI Designers - Illustration

    Hi Folks, Hope you're doing well. Here is my latest illustration what made in Affinity Designer for iPad. It's about the UI Designers. Connect with me on Dribbble !!!
  2. Thank you so much!! Hi Brian, as a Dribbbler I know Gal Shir, he is pretty famous on Dribbble Anyway, thanks for your suggestion! Cheers,
  3. tranmautritam


    Hi everyone, here is my latest illustration made in Affinity Designer for iPad. Connect with me on Dribbble if you are Dribbbler: https://dribbble.com/shots/4859882-YOLO Thanks for your time!!
  4. Hi MEB, thanks for hearing that from you. I am trying to practice in Illustration and I love to work in Affinity Designer. My most favorite that is vector and pixel working perfectly together.
  5. One more shot about Zero. Meet him on Dribbble
  6. Thanks Alex, have a nice day at work!!!
  7. Thanks so much!! Glad you like the work.
  8. Hi Folks, I've played with new character style what inspires by many illustrators on Dribbble. I call this guy is Zero because of his head is a perfect circle lol. I am planning to do some more illustrations of this guy, so hope to show you other shots soon. I hope you like the work, I'm super new in Illustration, so if possible don't hesitate to leave your feedback to help me improve my skill. Check the attachment for the better quality! Meet ZERO on Dribbble
  9. tranmautritam

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]

    Glad you figured it out. I'm enjoying Stuart's brushes. They are amazing <3. Again, thank you so much for sharing. I am practicing illustration and just bought the iPad version a few couple days ago. Your brushes are helping a lot to make nice things. Have a lovely weekend!! Best, Tam
  10. tranmautritam

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]

    I've checked, it works very well on iPad Pro. Thanks again for sharing your awesome brushes. Have you made Vector Brushes? I checked your brushes, it works only in Pixel mode. Best, Tam
  11. tranmautritam

    Pattern Brushes Sample Set 2 [A] & Set 3 [A]

    Hi, thanks for sharing, I have one question. Is this work in Affinity Designer iPad? Thanks in advance!

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