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  1. This would be amazing. Could be expanded to general seamless pattern tools. I'd love to see something like Blender's Array Modifier or Houdini's Copy and Transform node, but in 2D to create a dynamic array or grid of vector shapes. Again, this would be ideal in all Affinity apps.
  2. I'm more interested in web comic exporting and full color/greyscale prints like you would for a picture book. Don't really care about 1 bit for what I'm working on.
  3. Comic book tools could feel right at home in Publisher with its Designer and Photo integration. Speech bubble tools with linking could be useful. The panel creation tools in Clip Studio could be instructive.
  4. Thank you, I love the new isometry panel. It's super easy to take any layer and make it isometric based on the plane I have selected. The one feature missing from the panel is to round trip a layer back from being isometric. Turning an isometric layer flat again. Could be very useful if, say, a client were to suddenly request a flat look even though we'd been working in isometric land all day. Happened to a friend.