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  1. Hello all, thanks for the replies! Yes, I meant shapes altered with the Corner Tool. This feature would be great time saver for me.
  2. Same problem here with Designer and 12,9" pro 2017.
  3. Yes, gradient paths would be awesome!
  4. Great, thanks for the reply! I would like to use my own vector shapes to create brush, like in Ai. It's nice to hear that you will improve also vector brushes in future versions.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to create vector brushes? This is one of the main reasons I have to use Ai.
  6. Yeah, I want vector pattern swatches too!
  7. Please fix this soon. Brushes in Adobe illustrator works much better. And this is one of the main reasons I can't use Affinity when creating hand drawn vector graphics.
  8. Hi, Appearance Panel is really must have feature for me. Actually, I think there is 3 main features why I use Illustrator: Appearance Panel, Graphic Styles and Symbols.
  9. Jaakko

    Rotate canvas

    Oh, wow! Great news, thanks! :) Br. Jaakko
  10. Hello! It's my first post here! Affinity Designer looks very promising, you have done great work! There's only couple key features thats' missing: - rotate canvas tool. This is must have feature if you are going to make affinity perfect for illustrators like me who uses Wacom cintiq and intuos. This feature works perfectly in Corel Painter (and pretty well in Sketchbook pro and PS) but there is no vector drawing software with this feature. I mean there's no way to draw naturally if you can't rotate canvas. - appearance panel (like in Ai). I use this feature all the time.