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  1. Have been used to destructive cropping in PS for so many years, I would really appreciate the option. Best suggestion in this thread has been to add it as a context toolbar button. On/Off. Or make it possible to add Rasterize and Time to the toolbar.
  2. Similar situation here. Not every time, but after making edits to an existing file, selecting File-Save results in the program simply vanishing! But starting up again, it actually saved the edits.
  3. Unless I am missing something, it seems the only way to create a new table is to draw one. The problem is, as the table gets larger, new rows and columns are added. But if I want a table that is physically larger but with not so many rows and tables, I have to go back and delete the unwanted ones after creating the table. For example, if I need a new table that is, say, 3 columns and 6 rows, but I want the table to be 7.5 inches wide, I am not able to draw it as desired. Instead, as I increase the drawing width to 7.5 inches, it creates 6 columns automatically. One alternative is the way it's done in MS Word: you have a choice of drawing a table or creating one via a pop-up with the desired number of rows and columns. However it fits best into the APu interface, please add this feature. Thanks!
  4. Sorry to compare, but the "Linked Images" tab in InDesign is much easier to deal with than going through the menus to Document-Resource Manager when trying to update/embed/replace resources. It would also be good to have embed, replace or update in the properties menu of graphic objects. And the ID Linked Images tab makes it easy to spot any changes to linked images with a warning icon. That would be nice, too.
  5. The studios are nicely designed, but for some reason there is no studio for text wrap - just the button on the toolbar. Also, when selecting an object to be wrapped, it would be good to be able to right-click and select Wrap from a properties menu. It is a bit awkward for workflow to go the the toolbar each time.
  6. Is it possible to clear a style from an object once it has been applied? For example, once a photo is placed, if I apply a style, it cannot be removed unless all the attributes are manually removed or another style is applied.
  7. In the Text Style studio, it is possible to edit all the attributes of a style (font, spacing, etc.). Is it possible to do the same with an object style in the Style studio? I would like to be able to change effects such as shadows, text wrap, etc.
  8. You are correct. It "defaults" to "Unnamed" Would still like the option to name it upon creation.
  9. The only ways to create a Master page in the current version are to either click Add Master or Duplicate Selected Master from the Master Pages studio. It would be good to be able to take an existing regular page and be able to drag it or otherwise copy it to the Master Pages list to use it as a basis for a new Master page. One example where this is useful: Since Publisher cannot open InDesign files, we are forced to import PDFs. Those are all imported as regular pages. If one of more would be a good template for a Master page, the only way to accomplish that is to copy the entire page, create a new blank Master and paste the elements into the new blank.
  10. It would be nice to be able to move Styles from one category to another. As it is now, if you are in the wrong category when you create a Style, it is stuck there. Also, when a new Style is created, it does not have an icon like the built-in styles (Neon, etc.). If you are displaying thumbnails instead of a list, there is nothing to indicate the presence of the newly-created style. It would be good to have the name under the thumbnail, and some kind of default image for new styles.
  11. In the Styles Studio, selecting Add Styles Category from the hamburger menu does indeed create a style and opens up the list of styles for that category, but it is named "Default" and you have to right-click on the drop-down title field to immediately rename the category. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a pop-up prompt that asks for the name of the new category and then immediately give it that name?
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