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  1. I have a document with an embedded PSD Photoshop image. I highlighted the image and click the Replace Document button, then selected the new image, which was identical in size and almost identical in content except for a change in some letters. After selecting the new PSD file, the preview did not reflect the change. Did that a few times. The preview did not change until I changed the zoom, and then it only updated at certain zoom levels.
  2. When moveable object is selected and the cursor is over it, shouldn't the cursor change to a 4-arrow move cursor? PagePlus does InDesign doesn't I suppose it's a style choice. I prefer the cursor to change. Just a suggestion.
  3. Agree with that recommendation. "Balance Text" would be much clearer and more accurate.
  4. Ah! Thank you for that excellent clarification. You are correct - I assumed it balanced the width of the columns.
  5. When almost any Studio panel has focus, and there are various settings available (i.e., Text Frame Studio, General section, Insets L,R,T,B), when one of the options has focus and the Tab key is pressed, it should set the focus on the next option. this actually works on the Transform Studio. If X has focus and Tab is pressed, focus goes to W and so on. But in the Text Frame Studio and most others, if the first option has focus and Tab is pressed once, the selected option loses focus, then if Tab is pressed again, it seems that the entire UI has focus and the Tab key now activates the "Toggle UI" function. This is not the normal or expected function of such panels. The panel should retain focus until something else is clicked.
  6. In the Text Frame Studio, there are options for setting the width of individual columns and the gutter. There is also a "Balance Columns" checkmark. In a 8" wide 2 column text box, for example, if I have the gutter set to 0.5", I end up with 2 columns at 3.75" each. If I alter one of them, to let's say, 4", then the entire text frame width changes to 8.25". If I then check the "Balance Columns" checkbox, I would expect it to automatically balance the columns based on the text frame width, now 8.25". In the Help section, it actually says, "tick this checkbox to automatically balance columns of text regardless of size." But it doesn't change anything by simply checking/unchecking the box. The only way I can get the columns to be balanced again is to change the number of columns back down to 1 and then back up again. If I do this when Balance Columns" is checked, it works great. Not sure if this is by design or not.
  7. 12-page landscape spread as in tutorial. Single-click page 1 (highlighted in blue) Shift-single-click page 12 (now all paes highlighted in blue) To change page orientation to portrait, this works: On any selected page, right-click, select Spread Properties On Dimensions tab, click Portrait. Click OK Using the same selection process, with all pages highlighted, this does not work: Click Spread Setup button on top left Click Selected Spreads option On Dimensions tab, click Portrait Click OK Discovered that even if you have multiple pages/spreads already selected in the Pages Studio, clicking the Selected Spreads option does not automatically pick up the selected pages/spreads. You must go and select those pages again manually in the list of pages in the top right corner of the Selected Spreads box. Suggestion: If you are going to maintain that secondary selection box in the upper right, then have those pages pre-selected IF the Pages Studio already has pages selected when the Spread Setup button is clicked.
  8. In the Publisher Master Pages tutorial, it says to select all pages in the Pages Studio to select the first page, then go the last page and shift-click. It would be a good option when the Pages Studio is actively selected to also be able to "Select All" via Ctrl-A or a right-click option to select all pages. Avoids having to scroll to the end, especially if there are a lot of pages.