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  1. To produce: Windows 11, with germnan localization (decimal comma, not decimal point) Publisher 2.0.0, create a page with a frame text. Enter some text on several lines. Change the leading of a paragraph. Numbers 1, 2, 3 are correct. The intermediate numbers in the fly-out menue are displayed as 2.5, etc. When selected the Paragraph Lead was changed to 25. When typing the text 2,5 in the editor field the menue behaves as expected. I suspect that the localization is not complete
  2. I can confirm the sluggishness of 1.10.4 on a windows machine compared to 1.9.2. My machine runs with Windows 10, 32 Gig of RAM, an SSD and an Intel Core i7 notebook processor. I have updated the operating system and the graphics driver for the Intel UHD 620 chip to the latest one (according to the Intel driver and support assistant). The sluggishness is most prominent when exporting Images with live filter layers, especially clarity to jpg. 1.10.4 would sit there for close to a minute befor the file is written, whereas 1.9.2. takes a few seconds to process the file. If there are no live filter layers, 1.10.4 is fast. I downgraded to 1.9.2, 1.10.4 is simply a pain in the neck when exporting.
  3. Yes, it was turned off. 1.9.2 is much more usable, waiting time for applying nondestructive filter layers is much shorter
  4. I uninstalled Photo 1.10.4 and installed 1.9.2. Its much more responsive than the 1.10 versions.
  5. It is reproducible. No If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: Windows 10 21H1 with all patches, I7 mobile CPU with 32 GBytes of RAM and SSD hardware acceleration is on The problem is, that a JPG image 2848x4272 wos loaded, and I have 3 active filter layers (clarity on top of Noise reduction on top of Shadows & Highlights, all as sublayers of the imported image. If the filter layers are removed, export is fast. It seems that the program creates a hidden "merged visible Layer" first with no indication of progress and then stores this layer. If I create a merged visible layer on top, this lasts approximately the same time, but with a progress indicator. If I then export the merged visible layer, it is fast, but only if I disable all layers below. I would expect, that an opaque merged visible layer with Normal blend mode should trigger a switch which would then disable rendering of all layers below. Since they are invisible anyhow. In any case I expect the progress indicator of the export to move in the phase of preparation. Especially since this phase takes the larges part of the time required. Mybe you could have two phases: Progress indicator for "Prepare for Export" Progress indicator for Export (as now) In the current state, the progress indicator is at 0 for 10+ seconds and then rushes to the right in 0.5 seconds
  6. When developing a Raw image with an XMP sidecar Affinity Photo loses vital metadata (similar to darktable and raw therapee). Only Lightroom preserves the metadata. I attach a screenshot of Geosetter and an Excel table summarizing the result. While non of the programs is perfect, Lightromm is the only raw converter with a decent handling of metadata. Affinity is good, albeith not perfect, when loading from jpg and exporting to jpg. It would be nice if the raw converter would keep the metadata. Thanks metadata-not-conserved-table.pdf metadata-not-conserved-table.xlsx
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