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  1. When developing a Raw image with an XMP sidecar Affinity Photo loses vital metadata (similar to darktable and raw therapee). Only Lightroom preserves the metadata. I attach a screenshot of Geosetter and an Excel table summarizing the result. While non of the programs is perfect, Lightromm is the only raw converter with a decent handling of metadata. Affinity is good, albeith not perfect, when loading from jpg and exporting to jpg. It would be nice if the raw converter would keep the metadata. Thanks metadata-not-conserved-table.pdf metadata-not-conserved-table.xlsx
  2. I was only editing this one file. In other programs, a crashed Exiftool blocks the image. Here it blocks the library, strange.
  3. That is correct, but it seems that there are instances where exiftol does not terminate crrectely. I use more software such as geosetter which uses exiftool. The task manager somtimes shows 10 instances of exiftool. As I said, exiftool is blocking the macro library (why exiftol needs access I do not know) Affinity Photo in turn sees that the library is blcked, shows an empty library and does not give a warning about the blocked library. The latter might be helpful. I had the issue intermittentely, so every few months. I recently discvered the culprit, befor I was uninstalling and instaling Photo, which is annoying. Thanks, Othmar
  4. On windows I had the same issue. Exiftool was blocking macros.propcol after a crash of Affinity Photo. After restarting Photo macros.propcol open in exiftool prevented Phot from loading the library. Killing all instances of exiftool reenabled the macro library
  5. I had several times the fllowing issue: Affinity Photo (newest nn-beta version) crashed on Windows 10 (current version) Aftrer restarting it the macro library was empty. macros could nt be imprted, macrs created new in the Macro Studio could not been transferred to the library I was trying to delete macros.propcol. This did not work, because the file was opened in exiftool.exe. After killing all the instances of exiftool.exe in the task manager and restarting Phot, the library was there again. The bug is obvioiusly caused by exiftool.exe left open in memory after the affinity photo crash. Exiftool blcks then the macro library file macros.propcol . After that Photo does not work properly anymore.
  6. I use an Ipad Pro 12" Model ML3K2FD/A 128 GB, more than half free) with IOS 10.3.3 and Affinity Photo 1.6.4. I can consistently crash Photo in the following ways - use Projections->Perspective Projection (Projektionen->perspektivische Projektion) and follw the workflow until at the end you do: Projections->Remove Projections (Projektionen->Projektion entfernen) Inevitably Photo crashes - assemble a panorama of several images arranged both horicontally and vertically. The images are aligned and the rendering starts -> crash The sad thing is, that these functions distinguish Photo from the rest of the pack. and they fail
  7. Using version on an Ipad Pro (128 GB) I can crash Affinity by doing a live projection: perspective projection. When Removing the projection to save things Photo crashes. This happens with small files 800x600 pixels as well as large files. It even happens if you just select Projections:Perspective Projection followed by Projections:Remove Projection without any action inbetween. Please repair! Thanks!
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