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  1. I find the fields feature to be very useful, but it would also be useful to be able to be able to define your own custom fields.
  2. With the new update Publisher has been crashing when I try to edit master pages. So far is has crashed for: Duplicate a master page, double-click new one to edit Applying a master page to another master page
  3. Took longer to load, but in the end it still crashed as soon as it loaded.
  4. It won't open anymore. It just crashes soon as it opens
  5. So Designer kept crashing every time I tried to use the mask to below option. I found a workaround. It worked for a minute but now it crashes just trying to open the file. I'm using Designer version 1.6.5 Tested it on my other computer and had the same issue. I've got a brand new Dell G5 gaming laptop. I've attached the file as well as the files that are used in it. SimsAssets-Gallery.afdesign SimsAssets-Gallery.svg TheSims.afassets

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