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  1. Ah, so even when working on projects destined for print it may be a good idea to use "force pixel alignment"?
  2. Woot! Pre-ordered and ready to go. Feature question: Will we see the ability to Span Columns (and likewise, Split Columns) on individual lines of text? This is indispensable for setting a double column layout with a single spanning headline, I use this feature in InDesign in about a third of all my projects.
  3. If I make any two straight-edged object and align their straight sides, Designer still shows (and outputs) a small gap between them. I have a series of triangles with rectangles beneath them, making white pillars. Unless I overlap them, Designer outputs a faint grey line between the two objects, when I expect there to be no visible gap. Designer 1.7 Release Vitrector_Adornments.afdesign
  4. Bumping! Pleasing text composition is one cornerstone that sets professional typesetting apart.
  5. And the ability to Span Columns!
  6. When I try to select more than one image at a time to place into text frames, Publisher crashes immediately
  7. Great, you guys are on it. Love that. Pub was hanging all day yesterday, and here you are already solving the issue.
  8. ffca

    possible release date

    Not that I would recommend it for anyone else, but I took the leap and discontinued my Adobe subscription already. Using Publisher daily and it hasn't let me down yet!
  9. Just wanted to share a happy accident I had while playing with the new arrow ends. An Inner Circle on the bottom and Triangle Tail on the top, slid to the proper proportions, makes a beautiful dress!
  10. Really need this! Please include it!
  11. I'm sure this has been asked already but I figured I would give it a bump because it's so important. I have left Adobe behind for a bright Affinity future, but I sorely miss the Transformation Panel that Illustrator had—it's so much more useful than the current iteration of Power Duplicate because it allows the user to preview how the duplications look before locking them in. For generating symmetrical designs this is vital. Also missing the simple functionality to duplicate and ADD vs being limited to duplicate and MULTIPLY. For example if I want to make concentric circles that increase at 5pts diameter with every iteration, I have to do this manually because power duplicate progressively increases the diameter changes with every iteration.
  12. @Sean P I am on, however your Reset Studio tip worked! It must have been picking up something from the prior installation that was fixed by the Reset. It's working now! Thank you