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  1. Just did. That works except it has to be done on a per artboard basis. I have lots of artboards in each project and use the export persona to export them. Thanks!
  2. When I take the time to set the export file location. It should stay set. I deal with multiple projects, some with multiple AffinityDesigner files, each Affinity file has a specific export location. Some projects have 100s of exported files many in many sizes. Some exported files trigger further build processing and packaging. Having to change the export location each time causes errors. The Export Persona should help keep my files organized by remembering where they are supposed to go. Thanks.
  3. I have tried this. It does not help. I really like dark mode for everything except I can't see at glance what is selected. Thanks.
  4. When exporting a file I would like to control the metadata written to the output format. In particular, I want NO metadata. So if I export later the only difference in the exported files is the timestamp. This would prevent version control from repeating a unchanged file and would prevent triggering build post processing from happening. Thanks!
  5. I have the UI in dark mode (which really helps my eyes - I have a big bright 4K monitor). Just a light outline or some other accent would help a lot.
  6. The selected tool in the tool bar is accented with a darker background from a dark background. I look at the toolbar to see which tool I have selected. At a glance I can't tell. Please accent or the selected tool more.
  7. The export persona should remember where I export in addition to everything else. I work on lots of projects and each ALWAYS needs to save to a specific location (which is not where the Affinity file is). My exported files are used by other applications and having the export persona remember everything about my export except where it goes is really annoying. (Note that Adobe Illustrator has fixed their export to remember the location.)
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