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  1. Yes, this is exactly I try to do. I need to apply overlay partially on “outline” layer
  2. Nothing happens. Absolutely.:( If I create a simple mask without color overlay it recognizes black and white.Works the way mask should. But when I add color overlay it stops working
  3. Can you help me, please. What am I doing wrong? I'm trying to add color overlay mask to outline layer. But it doesn't work. If I add red color overlay directly to the layer it works: But But when I use mask nothing happens. More over when I paint using white or black brush on the mask nothing happens too.
  4. Thank you @Duoro You're my savior! These settings are disabled when the printer using wifi connection! Silly me! I connected with usb and now I have Amount of Extension slider!!
  5. Hi, I can't get borderless print in Affinity Designer with Canon Pixma Pro 100 fit to A4 paper size. I chose A4 borderless in print dialog. As the result, I get a print without borders. But that makes the image bigger than the paper, so about 1,5cm of the image is cut. It's just going beyond paper size. (this is strange because in preview I see image fit to the paper. So I just can't expect I'm going to lose a part of the picture) I suppose that "Amount of Extension" slider should resolve this problem. But the slider is absent in my print dialog. (Mac os) Is there any way to resolve this issue?
  6. Yayy! 'Fit to Printable' works!! Thank you so much @Chris B
  7. Hi, printing doesn't work on iOS. Whatever I print results in the same. Just empty print with four small square figures (as you can see on the screenshot) How can I deal with this? I'm using 1.8.6 affinity photo version on Big Sur 11.0.1
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