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  1. It must be exciting for all of you after a massive 9 long years of waiting! I wonder if you will get some of the features that the rest of us have had for over 20 years??
  2. The classic answer. Yawn. Rather than thinking. Back to the school yard. Well, lets try to make you think. Why DO you think? And not just me but also include the rest of the users in here who “complain” and request. Take your time. Seeing things from the perspective of others requires more than throwing letters into a forum like that answer you gave me.
  3. Thank you, finally an educated answer! I'm surprised Affinity isn't made for Linux, now that they've taken so many engineering quirks and complexities from that system's early versions. It will fit right in, and will be nostalgia for old Linux users. I look forward to you operating with pixel fractions and square roots of pixels in Photo version 2. They would too. My guess is that in Nottingham there isn't even anyone who can help Serif with usability as a charity?
  4. Ah, "force pixel alignment" is required... An obscure theoretical concept in a program (Photo) that for most will be a pixel editor. PLUS you should also know that once you have pasted a screen shot (pixels) from clipboard, it is an "image" and must be rasterized before you can make a selection and move it with the move tool! But the Serif thinks their typical clientele guesses this easily? And then, what are you waiting for in terms of further challenges in the program...
  5. Works flawlessly and better (single tool workflow, not two) and faster in Windows Paint! 😀
  6. This is both a bug and underlying architectural flaw. A pixel selection should NOT change in this way when you move it around a bit, and certainly not on a solid background. This example clearly shows how this pixel selection goes from sharp as original, to blurry as seen through cheese: Same problem if copy + pasted. FIVE minutes into trying to use Affinity Photo and I am forced to stop. And we're talking about a mundane cut-and-paste pixels task.
  7. It would also be very helpful if the color area (white in my screenshot) updated to show the color of the current choice, not always the custom color. Perhaps not... the image is updated after all.
  8. Hi Serif Can you please set the default action for ENTER in this dialog to APPLY (OK). Right now it activates the transparency input field, and you can do that just as well and logically with the arrow keys. The scenario where you often use fill is complicated by the fact that you either have to press alt+a or press APPLY with mouse/pointer. You can't tab down to APPLY either, which really is a bug. Especially because after three taps on TAB you end up in an invisible place, which is very much a bug. The fill dialog remembers which color I used last, and when you have to reuse FILL many times and quickly , it's very cumbersome to have to say GO via detours again and again. Thanks
  9. This is what @Royk is referring to: THAT is always as in 'always!'. If you want this to happen at any time, a general setting in preferences is what it takes. Illustrator has one. Designer has workarounds. And @Royk you have to be careful because effects are also not scaled by default. This will help:
  10. We need to know for exactly what purpose and target audience. Otherwise, it results in an unfocused debate that misses the point of your inquiry. Is it for your own machine, or something a'la PowerPoint viewer that people without Affinity can install for free and view files made by others?
  11. Yes, they have targeted these new users but I don't think it's because the market is completely saturated at the fat end. I think it's because they need to brand themselves in the younger segment, where the type of creative is different than 20 and 40 years ago, and you get creative with a lot of creative apps to choose from. They need to brand themselves among the young so that everyone in the workforce at all times perceives Adobe as the premium product. It's a classic problem for products and brands as old as Adobe's that new competitors emerge with a fresh and youthful impression. So it's about marketing your products as something other than desktop and mouse, but funky features with modern devices and drawing devices. It's a fairly traditional and unexciting ad, so I'm a bit dubious about its impact. What you have to remember is that a lot of these young people you see in the ads will pretty much be able to get student discounts or get it for free during their education. That goes for my kids. I don't actually have to buy licenses for them. It's not necessarily a group that Adobe particularly profits from as youngsters, but will certainly profit from later. I actually wondered about these ads at first, because I couldn't link the full subscription price to these young people. Maybe it was the photographer subscription, which is actually priced reasonably, that was being advertised with I thought. I still can't link them to real sales and profits and feel convinced. And I think this is only the first phase in the battle for new generations of creatives. The next step is much more AI and much more complex algorithms that make a lot of manual work redundant. This is where Adobe has been going for a long, long time, and Serif uses old principles and algorithms in their products. The algorithms in Affinity are mundane compared to Adobe's and Corel's etc. and have been for a long time, and I expect the contrast to be greater in the future. Affinity is available to anyone for a humble and extremely reasonable price. That's the argument that may sell to quite a large part of the market. If small fish ever become more important to Adobe, then I think they will use much more aggressive approaches than today, and far more on the app front than we've seen. And Adobe would probably have already acquired Procreate or companies that actually put research into drawing algorithms.
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