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  1. That is nice. In my case i need to collab with animators, content creators for flyers and books, etc. So i am a part of different teams. There is where i strugle in the Adobe loop.
  2. Thank you for your insights @deeds I am not negative about the subscription model with Adobe. But saving some bucks is always nice right. So that is why I tried the AD route. So far, drawing is much more fun in AD. It seems to be designed for that. While AI is more towards production, i guess. I worked with Coreldraw many years ago. That was a nice tool too. In The Netherlands, Corel is not something you will see often in the creative sector.
  3. I ask this question to all the profesional designers and illustrators, who work with other clients that most of the times are in the Adobe loop. I am trying to work with Affinity Designer only as my main driver. And so far, it goes wel. But i keep bouncing on this big Adobe wall when i collaberate with clients that are in the Adobe loop (most of them are). Specially things like shapes in shapes, gradients and effects are tricky to export and takes all kind of trail and error rounds before things work out. So far, exporting in svg seems the way to go. But this export stuff is on my mind the whole time i create artwork. And that is hunting me in a bad way. I am very courious how other people in the industry here are fighting this match and I hop you can share some thoughts or tips maybe to work with others in the Adobe loop?
  4. Hey peeps, i am stuck! I am trying to move over to Affinity Designer for al my vector stuff. So far, it is okay, but i am facing all kind of issues. Right now, i need to know the size of objects or grouped objects. But i cant find a info panel anywhere. I am in a rush.. so i hope someone can help me out fast
  5. Yeah, that is the workaround i am doing now. But it is not something i prefer. I want to images to be protected like a smart object. Than it doenst matter how you scale it, it keeps the information. Now i just upgrade it to 300dpi and scale it down. So when they blow it all up in the printer, it is still okay. I can not believe that this is the workflow to go in Designer. So if I mis something, please let me know for a other time.
  6. Hi peeps, I just finnished a big wall artwork for a client that needs to be printed. The artwork contains text, vector illustrations and photo's. The issue is that the printer needs a 1:10 file with artwork embeded. In Adobe illustrator I can protect the photo's that they dont lose quality while scaling. I can not find this option in Designer. Like protecting the pixels as a smart object in Photoshop The request is the deliver an 1:10 PDF. Any thoughts?
  7. I am facing many problems with lines thickness are all over te place while i have checkmarked all kind of boxes. It appears that lines sometimes not scale when they are in a group, and in the group the box is unchecked. It is making me nuts and costing a lot of time. It seems like every object needs to be checked "scale with object" by hand. In Adobe illustrator, i can checkmark scale lines and everything wil allways scale, until je uncheck this. I can not find this in Designer, or i missed this. Searching on this subject brings all kind of topics about scaling lines, but not about 'always scaling'. Any idea's?
  8. Thanks for asking! So far, things are working out. But i have a lot of struggle to work with clients not using Adobe Illustrator. The export persona is not doing what i want he needs to do. But i hope i can fix that in the future. Right now i am working with .scv files bypassing the AI / EPS world. With some bumps things work.. but i am not feeling comfortable. I dont know if i can keep Affinity Designer as my main driver for vector werk like this.
  9. Hey people, I am trying to use Designer as my daily driver for vector work. So far, things go amazing. But, i am running at some problems now. I created a huge drawing of a zoo. With a background, a story and animals all over the place. These objects are grouped in all kind of easy to use places so u can grab the monkey for excample, and place it on a different spot in his area. The issue is that the animator working on this project (Adobe environment) only see a huge long single list of items. There are no groups. How can i export all of this keeping groups i created in Designer? Also, a lot of items are not working in a proper way. Like shapes with an opacity are showing up rasterized. It is a complete mess. At this moment, it looks like i need to redraw everyting in Illustrator. If so, i need to end my idea to use Designer as my daily driver. Because this will cost me at least 1+ day full work, work i allready did. EDIT: It seems that i tackeled a lot of problems by skipping the export way under >file .. and use the export persona creating an SVG file and disable rasterizing. So far.. so good. Client has everything in vector objects with no weird effects. And everything grouped.
  10. I am in the same boat too lol. I am an illustrator / photo editor. Work with Photoshop, illustrator, designer and Photo. Lately i am hooked with Designer. My current computer is a custom PC with a i7 6-core cpu (6800k), 32gb mem, gtx1070 and fast m2 ssd. When i work in al my programs i have 12 to 20gb ram used. I am also considering moving back to Mac and go for the M1. The cores are blazing fast.. and our tools are very single core hungry. 6 / 8 core are the sweet spot. There is not so much info from an illustrator point perspective on these machines. But i read a lot of graphic designers really flying in the Mac mini m1 with 16gb and 1tb ssd. It is fast, quiet and you can the lack of IO is something you can deal with. I think for us illustrators, we are missing an option. A Mac mini M1 pro with 32gb. Benefits: few extra gpu cores and acces to 32gb mem + 200gbs broadband. My thoughts: sit back.. and check out what is going to happen with M2. I think stuff still needs to settle down a bit. If you need a new machine RIGHT NOW, I think you will be very happy with a M1 base model and 16gb. Those M1 cores are beasts. Ps, i am lurking at a BenQ PD3220U. Checkout Artsisright his reviews on this.
  11. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That makes me to go to the menu. Or learn to muscle memory the short cut. I am trying the style route now. It adds a few actions up front, but can help later on with a bunch of pre-created styles
  12. Hey peeps, I need to use the pipet a lot in a drawing. I want to copy the info from a object to re-use this again on a other object. The other object only has a fill. The object i want to change also has a line color. It copy's the fill but not the transparant line. So i need to adjust the line everytime. I want to try to get rid of that extra action. Any thoughts?
  13. The Mac Studio looks awesome in the many reviews that are released yesterday. I will wait for the 'better' reviews that will pop up soon from real world usecases. Dont get me wrong.. but most YouTubers just making video's for YouTube and call themselfs professional. Wich in some way is correct, but edditing a thumbnail in Photoshop or Affinity Photo is not the same thing as working in these tools day and night. On top of that, i think many where sponsored simply because they had it allready for days and all are the same. M1 Ultra + Studio screen. And offcourse.. all rainbows. You dont bite in the hand that gives you food right? I hope there are some foks here that can share their experiences with the base model of the Studio. The M1 Max 32gb 10 core. And share what you experience.
  14. Yeah, yesterday Max Tech also reported about that. First peak seems like we have to take a lot of Apple claims with a bag of salt. Offcourse, we have not seen any real day to day work performance.
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