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  1. that sounds good. 50$ a month is still 50$ a month. I have to find a way to do my daily work around with it. So far.. i still sitting behind the desktop hehe... stupid me!
  2. thanks for all the comments. I have a iPad Pro 12.9" in front of me, brand new! Just installed Procreate and fly through in quick peek mode through the software. Will add Designer too soon. I wish i could stop the 50$ subscribtion with Adobe, but i also feel that i need it to do my work. I work for all kind of clients, and a part of those clients are in publishing and marketing. They simply work in the whole Adobe range. It talks better when you work in the same toolsets. When i can not effort the 50$ a month no more, i have to question if i have a healthy business as an professional anyway. So far, the iPad looks amazing. I orderd a nice case on Ali expres and hope to have it next week.
  3. thank you again @MaryAnne for your comment. The iPad pro is indeed getting on top of the two devices more and more hehe. The Cintiq is great. It is just a monitor. No fans inside. I use a big arm to put it away so it is like a normal screen vertical. When i want to draw i just pick it up and lower it to my desk. It is really awesome. The 1070 can make some noise, but this only happens when i play games. It never happens when i do my work. The 1070 evens cool passive when he is kinda running Idle. The system i have build (let build by the webshop) is about 35 / 40 degress which is not that warm at all so all the fans are working low profile
  4. Thank you @MaryAnne for your quality comment! Very useful for me. The mobile device will not be my main driver. I have a powerfull PC with a 6 core cpu, 32gb mem and a GTX1070. Hooked with a 34 curved Dell and a 27" cintiq screen. So.. here i am, always behind my desktop, also when the weather is fine.. or when i only have to sketch, doodle, practice.. it is always there. I want to go out, practice more, doodle more, draw on the couch, in the garden. I am not so with traditional paper / pencil stuff. I like the digital way much more. So.. the device (iPad ore Surface) will be added in the workflow, and if possible.. will be a big part of it. Maybe it is a bit to romantic between my ears. I have good hopes it turns out this way.
  5. Can we please stay at my question? It is difficult enough to choose and it is a lot of money i can spend only once for a long time hehe. I am not interested in a Huion and not going to buy one. It is about the iPad pro with superior pen / drawing experience vs the Surface pro. I have done so much research that it doesn't make the choice much easier tbh. All tho i think the iPad is in front with 60 / 40 over the Surface. One of my questions is.. can Designer replace Illustrator for you on the iPad, or do you finish your work on the desktop in designer or illustrator. I know my way in Illustrator very good because i work with it for 8 years. It is hard to give that up. I am also worried about sharing files to the PC and back. I work with onedrive to store all my files in the cloud. So i hope there is an (full time) illustrator that can share me his thoughts so far about vector and delivering / starting / finishing illustrations.
  6. Thanks for your reply but that is not the goal. I dont want to carry a 15" laptop and an extra device to draw anymore. I own several intuos devices. I want to be way more mobile.(iPad or Surface)
  7. Hi peeps, I am looking for a device that makes me much more mobile. I use powerfull desktop pc now hooked with a 27" cintiq. It would be nice to doodle, sketch, practice, finish or start work in the park, at a client, on the couch.. you get my point. I am on the edge of purchasing an iPad pro or a Surface pro 6 i7/16gb. Both different machines and i have a hard time making a good choice. The iPad is a real tablet trying to be a laptop. The Surface pro is a laptop tryting to be a tablet. I think this is the best way to explain it. With the Surface Pro I have access to a full OS & Adobe CC suite and control over files / onedrive. With the iPad pro i would have access to the best drawing experience and strong drawing apps like Procreate and Designer. With iPadOS, it looks like we are getting more controll / access to a filesystem. I dont know if Onedrive is also an option on that part. I think the iPad pro is more "sexy" and the OS simpel. The Surface pro is more allround and a PC. So..other illustrators out there.. please help!!! :D My question for other (professional) illustrators out here using the iPad: can you start / finish your vector artwork in Designer just like you do in Illustrator? I own the Designer version for the desktop and they are doing a great job. But for me, it is not on the same level as Illustrator (yet). Specialy the pencil tool is superb in illustrator. Can you deliver your clients with work on the iPad or do you need to finish on your desktop? Is switching between desktop / iPad <-> iPad / desktop possible with onedrive or do i need to create a other workflow for that? I am very curious with your thoughts and experiences. For me it looks like this part (vector illustration) is one of the big things to choose an iPad or a Surface.
  8. Thank you for the comment. It is a but of a clunky workaround yes hehe.. but it is better than before, so it is a start. I really think if they nail the pencil tool in some updates.. like a smart closing system without doing al kind of shortcuts, it could be the Illustrator replacement for me.
  9. Thanks StuartRC. So the workflow is now this: Create a shape lift your pen so you stop creating a line press control and drag the nodes close to get a green line. It is a way.. i hope they smarten this in the next upgrade to just close a line when they are very close, or give this as an option. Why the need to these extra steps while it is obvious that you want to close the line.
  10. For me, the pencil tool is one of the most used tools in illustrator. It is a very powerfull and easy to overlook tool in Illustrator. In 1.6 the pencil tool was weak in Designer and made me not using Designer so far. I was a bit hyped when i saw the update notes that the pencil tool had an upgrade. I am flying through the update and am trying to close a shape with one line just by overlapping the first node. I am trying all kind of stuff but so far no luck. Any thoughts? the sculping option is a welcome update. It is not so advanced as in illustrator but it is a start. I am happy to see this!
  11. For me, the pencil tool is one of the most used tools in illustrator. In 1.6 the pencil tool was weak in Designer. I am flying through the update and am trying to close a shape with one line just by overlapping the first node. I am trying all kind of stuff but so far no luck. Any thoughts? the sculping option is a welcome update. It is not so advanced as in illustrator but it is a start. I am happy to see this.
  12. yep, i installed the beta and can say, this is a huge step forward (for me) with Designer. Still some strange effects when i redraw a shape but that is workable. I am very pleased with this update like this. Keep it up Affinity!!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to check that out. Is this sculpt mode only in the beta version? I cant finding this in the 1.6.5 I guess i really need to check it out then
  14. hey peeps, I would like to ask you who is playing with the beta.. 1) is it possible to continue a line with the pencil tool? So.. when you create a line, you simple start a new line where you ended your last, and the two lines merge together, just like Adobe Illustrator does. 2) Also, does a object close itselfs when using the pencil tool and the startingpoint and endpoint merge together so it is one closed object? 3) Is is possible to change the line you draw with the pencil tool by drawing on top of it? Al of this, is working in AI for years now and makes the Pencil tool THE tool to draw and create an vector illustration superfast. So far, all of this lacking in Afinity is it for me a no go to switch.
  15. No RCR, that is indeed not an elegant workflow. Switching back to little icons i need to press, using shortcuts .. what ever to edit nodes who are placed by Designer on locations i maybe even not like. It doest matter. I need speed. The character i created yesterday (moved back to Illustrator) took me a hour. If i do this in Affinity at this moment, i would be a pain in the ass job and pressing couple of hundred times on extra buttons. i know its not perfect.. but if they not change this.. I am thinking of asking my money back. 40 euros is stil 40 euros if i am not going to use the software. At this moment, its not able to replace Illustrator. That was my plan. *sniff (sad face)