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  1. Gonna chime in and add my two cents for text styles in the iPad version of Designer, also. I create template files a lot … for example, I'm working on a few different comics that use different lettering styles (different fonts for each project, alternate font for different characters or different types of word balloons … centered lettering for word balloons vs. left-justified lettering for exposition boxes … etc.) The styles make it easy to keep lettering consistent across different projects. So I was kinda surprised when I opened a template to create a new page while I happened to be on my iPad the other day, and text styles were nowhere to be found. It would be a great addition. This makes me wonder now … If I open a desktop file on my iPad, edit it and save it, will the existing text styles still be there or will the iPad version wipe them out? 🤔
  2. Hey folks … Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I haven't found anything in searching. Is there a way in Designer to modify the current pen tool properties by selecting one of your preset stroke and fill styles? Specifics: I create vector line art designs a client uses to cut metal templates on a CNC machine. I need all the lines to be an exact width, and the lines are color coded depending on what part of the design I'm working on: black for the initial design; red, blue, or green for added elements; light blue for support structures; etc. Right now I have to draw each line or group of lines with whatever the current settings are (I usually set this as a different line width and unique color, so I can see if I forgot to style something properly) and then go back and apply a style either individually or by selecting groups of lines. What I'd LOVE to be able to do, is select my "Black 27pt" style when I begin a design to set the pen tool properly to a 27pt black stroke/no fill, then later select the red, blue, etc. styles as I get to each successive portion of the design, and know the tool is set properly and all my lines are correctly styled, AND see the design as color and line width it's supposed to look as I'm drawing it. Anyone know if there's a way to do this, or something like this, short of having to manually check the pen tool's width and make sure to select the exact correct color each time? Thanks! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! ❤️
  3. Ahah, I was just noticing this problem this afternoon working on a big multi-layered vector file, trying to delete some areas from one layer using the marquee. Glad this has already been caught, looking forward to the fix. Thanks! ❤️
  4. Walt, Carl123: Thanks for the suggestions. For a comic book the files are all the same size (basically the entire page plus bleed); I usually just drop the images directly onto the page, but I suppose I could add a frame to the master page and then drop the images into those frames on each page. Or if I'm lazy, use the "Edit Linked" function mentioned to do them all at once at the end, which is only a minor hassle instead of a medium one. XD That said, very often towards the back of the book I will have a few pages with text and inset images of varying sizes and positions. So I'd still suggest that some form of an "Always On Top" feature on the master pages someday would still be useful for pagination. Anyone? Thanks again for the help!
  5. Walt, Sorry for the lack of clarity, I was up late trying to finish up a project to send to the printer to pick up this morning. XD By "box" I meant the grey box, not the text frame: If the grey box is to the left, there is no inset on the bullets. And, the text frame was fit to the frame borders, not the page borders. I've attached both an .afpub document recreating the problem, and a screen capture PNG to show what I'm seeing here. This was from a freshly created documents with nothing intentionally set other than the font, spacings, and wrap properties on the text and the grey box, so if there's some larger system setting that's affecting this I didn't set it intentionally. XD Thank you, any help or suggestions are appreciated! BulletWrapIndentProblem.afpub
  6. Howdy. I'm putting together a document and I've come across an issue I can't find the answer to. I've made a bullet style with the bullet indented a bit from the left margin so it stands out a bit from the surrounding text. I also have a box set to wrap text around it. If the box is to the right, all is hunky-dory. But if the box is to the left, the bullet margins disappear. I'm guessing it thinks it's already far beyond the distance it's supposed to be indented from the actual page margin? But this isn't how I want the bullet indents to work at all. I've attached two screen captures to demonstrate. Anyone know if there's a fix for this? Or if not, maybe suggest it as a bug/feature request for future versions? Thanks!
  7. Hey friends! Sorry, I haven't been able to find anything on this … or I missed it somehow. I'm assembling comic books for print and PDF in Publisher: Setting up the proper page size and bleed, importing full-page art files with all the art and dialog on them, laying the out in the proper order then using Publisher's features for more typesetting-heavy pages like intoduction or foreword, indicia, back page text, and so on … and pagination. It's working really well, but I have one question … For pagination I created a master spread that simply has the proper margins, and then two text boxes at the bottom of either page for the page number, to the far left and to the far right. When I create new pages and create a frame and import the page art, though, it seems by default those new elements always appear ABOVE the pagination layers from the master page. I have to go thru and manually move the master folder from the bottom to the top of the layers palette on each page or spread. Not a HUGE deal, but kind of a pain. I'm wondering, is there any way to tell Publisher to default the master page layers to either to either the top or the bottom, that I'm missing? (Note: I apologize if this is posted twice. I went to start a new post and this popped up, so I guess I may have never submitted it for some reason.)
  8. P.S. I got work to do so I killed the app … Happily recovery mode captured everything up to just before I hit XOR so it doesn't look like I lost any work. Still, tho, curious, anyone know what was going on here? Thanks!
  9. Howdy friends! I was building a few vector shapes for a design and playing with the Geometry options to "knock out" overlapping parts of the shapes, etc. At some point I inadvertently hit the "XOR" function in the Geometry toolbar, and … well, it brought up a slowly pulsating "Xor" progress bar on top of the window. There's no option to cancel or dismiss it; I can't edit or do anything with the document while it's there; and I've tried Escape, Return, control-C, command-C, option-C, and a bunch of other keystrokes to try to kill the process. It's been running for several minutes now … I selected a few objects but I don't think it was anything THAT complex to take so long to figure out? I could kill the app, but … well, that would lose a few minutes work, and … is this normal? Thanks!
  10. Heya … Fiddly request here, unless I'm missing something or doing something wrong, please let me know! For my client I draw vector designs (for CNC production) at a constant line width (usually 11pt) in a several colors (black, red, blue, green, cyan) to denote different types of lines. Right now, it seems that every time I open a document, the pen tool is pre-set at Black 18pt in the Appearance panel. If I click on any of my styles to start out (say, Red 11pt), it does not set the tool preset to that; either I have to draw all the lines at 18pt and then (individually or as a group) set them all to the style I want; or, I have to manually set the Appearance panel to 11pt, Red, before I start working, which kind of defeats the purpose of having all those styles saved up for this client. XD Is there some way to easily transfer the properties of a style to the current tool presets? Because I can't find it … If not, can I humbly suggest that as a feature request? ^.^ Thank you! (Just cancelled Creative Cloud this week, so I'm on Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher pretty much full time) ^.^
  11. Aaaah, gotcha, thanks. Well that's good to hear, hopefully it'll be fixed soon … that was certainly the worst of it. It would still be nice if you could resize by designating a width/height in addition to by DPI resolution, as well, though.
  12. Just popping in here to express similar concerns with the "Resize Document" dialog. It's weird. Here's a very common situation for me: A client sends me a 5x7" image. But because of the way they sent it, the metadata has been stripped, and it opens as a 20.833x19.167" document at 72dpi. Easy enough in Photoshop: Launch Image Size, turn off Resample, and change the DPI to 300, and et voila, the document is the correct 5x7" again. (Sorry for the use of inches, I'm one of those Americans.) In Affinity Photo it … doesn't seem to make much of a difference whether Resample is on or off? I launch Resize Document, turn off Resample, change the DPI to 300, and … the document is still the same size in inches, but its pixel size has ballooned to 4 times what it had been before. And if I want to resize it to, say, 4" wide and see how high the DPI turns out … I guess I'm out of luck, since the scale measurements are greyed out? I know I'm pretty new to the Affinity universe, but this just doesn't seem right to me? I've even read the Help topic on "Changing image size (scaling and resampling)," but the way it's described in Help doesn't seem to be the way it's working in the app itself. If this is how it's supposed to work "by design," I don't understand what the design of the feature is or how it's supposed to be used. I've also noticed it seems to work better when the rulers are set to Pixels, but having the rulers set to Inches (again … American here, dealing with American clients and print projects) seems to negate the whole point of the resample/resize function. Any help here? Or any hope of making this work more logically? I've attached a few collected screencaps so our discussion can have more focus. Thanks!
  13. I was checking in with this same question and found this thread. After the updates to work with Publisher today, my Photo and Designer toolbars were reset as well. Just to chime in once again: Another reason it'd be REAL nice if there were a way to save a workspace so you can revert your toolbar, your studio palettes, and toolbox to some predetermined layout you really like, anytime you need to.
  14. Hey guys! I'm sure you're very busy with the final release of Publisher in a couple weeks and squashing bugs in Photo and Designer, and I know this may be a bit of an edge case, but I was converting some files over from InDesign into the Publisher beta for now, and I had a request ... Unless I'm missing it somewhere … Is there a way to define a color or style as "non-printing" so it will show up on-screen as you work (for notes, guides, etc.) but will not show up when you print to the printer or export to a print format? If not, could we add that to the someday-down-the-road wishlist? Thanks so much! Good luck! -john
  15. Hooray! Congrats guys, this is awesome! And thanks for the beta discount! I'll be ordering mine as soon as my credit card period rolls over in the next few days.
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