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  1. Welcome, Jose! I'm not on staff or anything, but I think your guess there is correct. One of the interesting things about the Affinity Suite is that all the apps share the same file format -- you can open a Designer file in Photo and vice versa with no problem. Any file can contain vector objects, pixel layers, etc. So the Persona is there if, say, you're working on a big vector project but you have a little bitmap image in there you need to make an adjustment to, you can jump into the Pixel Persona for a few moments rather than interrupt your work flow saving and reopening the file in another app. Hope this helps!
  2. Hey guys! No rush, as I'm only just very vaguely kinda-sorta thinking about replacing my iMac (last of the high-end 27" Intel models) in the next year or so, quite possibly with a high-end Mac Mini or Studio. I was curious, particularly from any of the Serif staff, or anyone who's had experience … do the Affinity apps gain much performance running on an M2 Pro as compared to a plain M2? I know with all the different aspects, multithreading, GPU usage, etc. it's not always as simple as "pro chip go faster" for all situations, so i'm wondering what's up here. Thanks! (For background info, most of my "power" work is done in the Affinity apps, Photoshop when necessary, Sparkle for web design, and occasional short videos in Final Cut Pro. Otherwise using simpler stuff like Numbers/Pages, various text and document editors, etc. Not doing extreme stuff like video editing or code compiling.)
  3. Yep, I'm with you there! I think for right now, if my machine exploded tomorrow, I could probably get an M1 Mac Mini and survive, but since my current iMac is only 18 months old with pretty good processor/RAM/SSD options installed, I'm gonna wait it out and see if they release the "dream machine" of an M1 Pro Mac Mini with 32GB RAM or some M2 equivalent over the next year or two. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  4. I totally agree! The more I think about it … looking at the last Intel Mac Mini they're still selling on the Apple Store, $1099 with four Thunderbolt ports and RAM configurable up to 64GB … If they were to replace that with a new Mini with an M1 Mac Pro (or the M2 equivalent) with at least a 32GB RAM option and keep the four Thunderbolt ports and keep it in that same price range … I think that plus a monitor would be a great way to fill the current gap between the regular Mini and the Studio, both power-wise and price-wise, to suit illustrators and photo editors such as us. Of course Apple being Apple we'll see what they do. XD Yeah for now I'm gonna hold on and wait. This past weekend I was frustrated by a hardware problem that was making me want to flip my desk and just buy a new computer, but it's been resolved now so I'm calmer. My iMac is only about 18 months old with a decent processor/RAM/SSD configuration so it should be able to last quite awhile longer while I wait and see what new options open up in the coming year or three. (I'd bought it in order to ride out the chip transition to the M1, but it seems the transition has been way smoother than we anticipated.) Good luck if you decide to make the switch! I believe everyone should use the system they're most comfortable with but I've been an Apple user since the Apple II days and they've always served me reasonably well.
  5. Thanks for the input! Yeah, I'm really hoping they replace that last Intel Mini with something with an M1 Pro or M2 processor or something. I'd feel more comfortable with something with a bit more power and RAM than a baseline M1 but the Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip is JUST above my justifiable budget right now and probably way more than I need … Hopefully by the time I'm ready to upgrade this iMac.
  6. I think a chunk of this thread has been lost by the wayside … I was hoping to hear from any folks who are using an M1-based Mac (new iMac, new Mac Mini, new Macbook Air, etc.) and see how their experience is running the Affinity apps and possibly Photoshop on it. If anyone is out there, let me know. ❤️
  7. Yeah I always figured more RAM is better than less which is why I went so high. Unfortunately with the new fully integrated systems that's becoming trickier to do tho. I do check Activity Monitor from time to time but I'll probably be doing that more frequently now that I'm thinking ahead to my next upgrade under these conditions. It is interesting and unsurprising that the Affinity apps tend to take 1-2GB of memory while Photoshop, even running idle, is currently at 15.21GB 🙄
  8. I guess what I'm questioning is if I've been over-buying for my needs. I HAVE 40GB memory because it's what I could afford at the time, but I don't know if I really need that much for what I do. XD Maybe the M1 is fast and efficient enough to be suitable for my needs. But yeah, that said, 16GB does make me a bit nervous, even if the M1 does use it more efficiently. We'll see where things go by the time I'm ready to upgrade. Currently there's one last Intel Mac Mini on the Apple Store … $1099 (US) with four Thunderbolt ports instead of the two on the other Minis. If the rumors of a high-end Mini are true and they were to replace that with a new model with an M1 Pro configurable to 32GB and still have the four Thunderbolt ports for around that same price point, that might make a good option. Would make a sensible desktop lineup too: Mac Mini with M1, Mac Mini Plus with M1 Pro, then the Mac Studio with M1 Max or M1 Ultra. Plus whatever Mac Pro they unleash. 🤔
  9. Hey folks! I've been pondering something for awhile now … I've been talking to some tech-educated friends about it, but none of them have been in the same line of work as me, so they're hesitant to make a solid opinion. So I thought I might ask here, where there there are probably more folks in a line of work more similar to mine! I'm a graphic artist, designer, cartoonist, illustrator, etc, kind of jack-of-all-trades. As such most of the heavy-duty professional apps I use from day to day are Photoshop (sigh), Affinity Designer, Photo, Publisher, and Sparkle. Almost everything else is pretty lightweight -- Numbers and Pages, Ulysses, Bear, etc. I'll occasionally rip a DVD to add to my digital collection but I don't really do anything like audio or video editing, 3D rendering or AR/VR, or code compiling. For my professional life I've always tried to maintain a high-end "prosumer" Mac desktop for my work … starting with the G3 and G4 mini-towers they used to make, then transitioning to the larger more powerful iMacs as Mac Pros became expensive and overpowered. Currently I'm using one of the last Intel 5K iMacs, with 3.8GHz 8-core i7 processor and 40GB of memory. With the apparent phasing-out of the larger model iMac, I'm looking ahead -- not immediately, but someday -- to what my next machine will be. The new Mac Studio looks really sweet, but adding in a monitor makes for a significant jump up in price from the slightly-over-$2000 budget I usually allocate for my desktop upgrades. This got me thinking, though, about whether my whole purchasing philosophy is outdated. Processors have obviously gotten a lot more powerful over the past two decades. Plus, of course, the M1 line has a completely new way of working that makes its speed and memory usage really hard to compare apples-to-apples with existing Intel lines of processors. So I'm wondering … am I overthinking my needs at this point? If chips like the M1 Pro and M1 Max and M1 Ultra are meant for hardcore rendering or compiling professionals, when I'm doing much more flat image editing and page layout type stuff? Would, say, a Mac Mini with an M1 processor and 16GB or memory actually be enough to handle my professional needs? This is all very hypothetical for the moment, of course. By the time I'm ready to upgrade again I may well have decided to spend a little extra for a Mac Studio (all those ports would be useful), or it's possible Apple might introduce some sort of "Mac Mini Pro" to fill the current $2000ish prosumer gap in their lineup. But I was curious to hear from anyone out there who might already be working on a Mac Mini, iMac, or Macbook running on an M1 processor in a professional design capacity. Do Photoshop and the Affinity apps still run smooth as butter? Is running out of memory ever an issue? Any other problems that the M1 doesn't live up to expectations? I'd love to know your experiences! (Please, no Mac-bashing or Windows evangelizing. I've always believed people should use whichever platform works best for them and the Mac/iPad ecosystem is what works for me!) Thanks for reading and thanks for your input! I hope this is appropriate for this forum, please feel free to move it if it's not. ^.^
  10. Cool, thanks for the info, @R C-R! Hopefully they'll get around to it someday.
  11. My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere; I've been searching the online tutorials and forums but haven't found anything. Also, I'm specifically working with Designer at the moment but this could apply to the other apps as well. Is there a way to reorder the individual styles within a category in the Styles palette? They seem to only be listed in the order they were created, which can get pretty messy and confusing when collecting a bunch of styles gradually while working on a project. I don't see any option in the pop-up menu to reorder them, and I've tried dragging them, command- and option-dragging them, in both swatch and list views. On a related note, is there a way to reorder the styles categories that show up in the categories menu on the palette, or else is there a way to have Affinity keep the last-used category of styles open when the app relaunches, rather than always going back to the Default category? Relatively minor details, I know, but they've been aggravating me almost daily. XD Thanks!
  12. Giving this thread another bump … I was just talking to a friend who works at Apple and he was asking me if I thought I could do my work completely on an iPad without relying on a Mac, and as I was cataloging the handful of challenges I'd face, the lack of text style support in Designer was near the top of my list. I'm curious if this is still on Serif's radar for development, or if there could be any recommendation that it should be? Especially with the M1 iPads out now … I doubt text styles are highly processor dependent but full feature parity would be nice to go with the current "as powerful as a traditional computer" story of the iPad right now. Thanks!
  13. Hey friends! Is there any way to automate exporting a stack of files to PSD format? I use PSD as a go-between to move files (with multiple layers) from the Affinity suite on my Mac to Procreate on my iPad and vice versa. I'm often working with sets of 24 files or so at a time so it'd be nice to automate them. So far I've found that it seems I can't save an Export action into a macro; and Batch only seems willing to save AFPhoto, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and OpenEXR. Any ideas, anyone? Or am I outta luck? Thanks
  14. Just resurrecting this post. I'm getting so close to cancelling my Photoshop monthly subscription (Illustrator and InDesign are both long gone, replaced by Designer and Publisher) but I still occasionally use the Mister Retro "Machine Wash" and "Permanent Press" plug-ins. (On MacOS.) I remember on Twitter awhile back there was some interest expressed on both sides (Serif and Mister Retro) at making this work, but it doesn't seem like things have moved along much. I dunno how active Mister Retro is as a developer anymore, but this would be a great connection for both companies, I'd think. Thanks for the work guys
  15. Ahah, perfect! Until if and when an import/export feature is implemented, I can archive copies of these files away against future calamity. Thanks again!
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