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  1. Good morning, I'm back with a variation on the theme; japanese wave patterns. The first one is indeed a "wave " pattern; it shows the nearly traditional form of the Japanese wave repeat: This one is uses autumn grass: Have good day Antony
  2. Yes, less gloomy than the trees. Will be away from the computer for the weekend. Next week? Have a good weekend, Antony
  3. Yes, A Designer. Started making rectangular tile repeats.....with drawn elements. Tried Photographs to make endless repeats. Then went towards Hexagonal repeats. Got that working with drawn elements. Then simply added a photo (flipped and unflipped) in the six triangles of the hexagon. Going to try and explain this in a blog on my site. But don't hold your breath! This one is easier to see what's going on: Have a good day, Antony
  4. The file I uploaded was very big and it takes for ever to zoom. Here's a detail: Here's a clearer shot of the face:
  5. "Strange creatures everywhere 😁 I will delete my post soon so as not to clutter up your thread unnecessarily" Wow, don't delete, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Love it.
  6. Here's another hexagonal repeat this time done with a shot of an old olive tree: The detail is well worth zooming on.....I had not expected the complex and, for me, fascinating result. All best wishes Antony
  7. Christmas drawing for one of the grandchildren: It is drawn from a photo of the first landrover that was rebuilt in in the "Land Rover Reborn" project, so yes, it is meant to be a bit battered and beaten up, this is before the restoration. The restored picture will take some time.
  8. An illustration for a Christmas mug for one of the grandchildren.......
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