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  1. G-F-H


    Simple vector drawing
  2. G-F-H

    1961 Ferrari 250 GT

    thank you. something like this takes around 60 - 70 hours.
  3. G-F-H

    Maserati Concept

    Wider, richer color
  4. G-F-H

    1961 Ferrari 250 GT

    I started this thinking it would be much easier to draw than the Maserati was. It wasn't. LOL
  5. G-F-H

    Maserati Concept

    Thank you. I've started on a Ferrari 250GTO.
  6. G-F-H

    My first something in AD for iPad

    Nice scrolling
  7. G-F-H

    Maserati Concept

    Hello, "it was a good idea at the time" - I almost wish I didn't start this as it was very time consuming. Anyway, I think it came up alright. Thoughts?
  8. G-F-H

    AD Butterflies

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  9. G-F-H

    AD Butterflies

    I'm thinking of doing another in the same theme, or maybe widening the butterflies canvas. *sigh...so many ideas, so little time...
  10. G-F-H

    AD Butterflies

    Thank you.
  11. G-F-H

    Black Summertime

    You've given it that HDR feel. Nice touch with the Lady Bug. :-)
  12. G-F-H

    Dream Organics Styles

    Brilliant ! Thanks