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  1. Hello, Well, I'm also impressed! This is also what I did in Capture One and Lightroom - a little adjustment on the highlight slider. So it would seem that the demosaicing algoritm on the iPad does a better job than that in AP for Windows 10. So the Affinity photo developers have an easy modification for Windows AP - if the iPad uses the Seriff raw engine!!! nille
  2. Hi, I don't have an iPad! I work exclusively in W10 and used Capture One to retrieve the blue sky. I agree that the demosaicing algoritm in AF could do with some tweaking. As a matter of curiosity I converted the raw file to DNG and imported it into the last version of Lightroom I owned (before Adobe pulled the rug out from under us all), namely version 6.14, ACR 10.1. By simply adjusting the highlights to -50 I could retrieve a perfect blue sky! I would really like to see an improvement in AF's raw translation as I use AF exclusively for all my photo processing and consider it (all round) to be the best photo editing program on the market. And believe me I've tried them all, ACDSEE, ON1, Luminar, Rawtherapee, Darktable etc. nille
  3. Thank you DAN C for the reply. I was also able to recover the highlights similar to your result. However, since it was a clear sunny day the result was not very flattering. I should mention that this photo is not in any way a five star candidate. It was simply a shot taken while out walking in a nearby Royal Palace garden. Although the lighting was a bit tricky with lots of shadow and several highlight areas including the sky.
  4. Well it seems that my message caused some confusion and total misunderstanding as to how I was developing the raw file,so I'll restate to avoid confusion. I developed a Panasonic Raw file. While in the Develop Persona I could not adjust the overexposed sky using the Shadows and Highlights function for the simple reason that the Info panel showed 255,255,255 so there's no way to correct this other than cloning. The jpg file I referred to is the name of the affinity file I subsequently exported from the Photo Persona which I uploaded in order to illustrate the problem. It has no other function! Uploading a raw file would not illustrate the problem. I was not developing a jpg file in the Develop Persona!!! Now in Capture One 20 Pro the RGB values for the sky are shown as 240,251,255. Thus CO could adjust the highlights (as illustrated in the second jpg filed I uploaded) I was hoping that Affinity Support would pickup my report and possibly comment on twitching the demosaicing algorithm used in the Develop Persona.
  5. Hello, When I develop the raw file associated with the attached jpg files I'm unable to recover the sky by adjusting the highlights in AP. The Info window in Develop persona shows 255,255,255 (_1040091_aff.jpg). However when I develop the same file in Capture One the sky is easily recovered by adjusting the highlights. This is by no means a criticism of AP nor is the raw file in question of any significance, I'm simply curious to know if its's possible to improve AP. sincerely, Nille
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