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  1. This is way cool! As this example portrays, it's really not hard to see you've prior experience using traditional media, being translated into CG.
  2. In my opinion, looks more like an actual close-up high speed exposure! Amazing skill set.
  3. Now I'm a biker, so appreciate the mind boggling expertise building one of these retro choppers from the ground up, especially an homage to one that 'starred' in a cult movie which in my opinion kicked off a continuing love affair riding these things. I mean, on an average weekend you really can't miss packs of bearded gents of a certain age hogging (...pun intended) the road growling atop a very loud 1700cc Harley or whatever, where I live. Anyway, to my mind, a work of art is essentially in the eye of the beholder, whether created by software, hand drawn/painted/carved or indeed assembl
  4. Nicely done! especially edge wear and weathering in general 👍
  5. @PeterRex Really diggin the fungi pieces, overall a fairly vibrant color palette you've got there - nice. 👍 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Adobe Illustrator has a trace pre-set, I think for vectorizing raster images and yes indeed the process of manually editing a given work with some complexity using vectors can be a laborious task, well at least for me as a novice. Also interesting point about artists imp
  6. Fairly straightforward, really comes down to things I'm passionate about whether a long held interest in particular subject matter or specific cause/plight that incentivizes one to represent a certain perspective visually also if needed, reference material can be anything readily too hand be it print, digital or innate 'visual library'.
  7. Thank you. Really enjoyed the overall process experimenting with Persona pixel brushes, painting him as opposed to an entirely curves workflow, that personally I find a challenge in terms of time and effort involved. This current portrait has been in the works since Christmas 2020, for example.
  8. Update: Still working feverishly away on finishing this set of vector/rasterized drawings. Had initially thought, Din Djarin 'Mando' would be the easier illustration among the four to execute...silly me. Anyway, we're almost there. Mandalorian Armorer - "You must reunite it with it's own kind...this is the way!"
  9. Thanks. That's right, I'm using Persona default brushes for texturing mainly things like edge wear, shading and mud splatter also toying with an idea to include height/bump effects later on in the series. Plus this tute is gold, imo really useful technique creating a near enough 3D aesthetic:
  10. Thank you and I do plan to add a suitable background for the final render.
  11. First in a selection of iconic to lesser known armored vehicles, deployed by both Allied and Axis forces during World War Two. Basically an exercise intended to further streamline a personal workflow drawing with AD via vector and/or raster layers, rendering complex hard surface objects plus incidentally this current WIP has been an off/on project over the preceding 2 month period. It's supposed to be a M-26 "Pershing" Medium/Heavy Tank one of an initial batch of 20 vehicles shipped over to the European theatre in the closing months of the war, designated Operation: "Zebra Mission" as a repl
  12. ...but the price for our digital lives, may be unsustainable - Digital Carbon Footprint: What's the Environmental Impact of the Online World?
  13. Good for him, whatever pays the bills and/or drags in the punters too splash-tha-cash There's really no dignity being a 'starving artiste'
  14. Caustics effect is amazing, more so since it's 2D, I'd personally struggle to do much better rendering similar output in 3D. Also out of curiosity for the sake of comparison, any chance of posting a ref, if assuming that this piece was traced/copied too begin with?
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