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  1. I appreciate the sheer precision, executing this and I think working with vectors lends itself quite nicely when generating hard surface content.
  2. Bit of a fan so decided too try my hand drawing using a mouse, of some characters from the show with AD vectors and Persona pixel brushes for skin texturing. First of four Portraits - "The Child"
  3. Hi Isabel Thank you very much and sure no worries, don't mind at all. I'm actually flattered that you'd thought it good enough too re-post on your students gallery or in general plus the course was personally an insightful learning process about a digital 2D drawing technique I was previously unaware of, so again my expressed thanks for sharing your expertise. Cheers.
  4. Looks good, leveraging Blender's versatility quite nicely 😀
  5. After a few more tweaks, final version:
  6. Like it! 🏍️ Rode a 1993 Yamaha TZR 250RS, too and from work via the outer burbs into the city, back during the late 90s, when finally licenced to ride legally. Survived, but picked up a ton of bad habits along the way i.e. splitting traffic, flick lane changing and racing off the lights...actually with the benefit of hindsight probably should not have, to be entirely honest. Must've had an Angel perched on my shoulder, throughout 😯
  7. Curious if you'd worked of a bunch references whereby drawing this freehand, essentially 'eyeballing' the subject's various elements or alternatively traced a background image?
  8. Digging the pure graphic style, can see this up on a building facade, someplace 😄
  9. Nicely done. Also interested in a brief breakdown whether paint over or from scratch, that is when time permits of course? Reason being, I own an old Wacom Intuos Bamboo tablet and for the life of me can't seem to make a viable transition painting via a digital device as opposed too traditional materials. Cheers.
  10. Apologies if this is going to read as being candidly blunt but shopping around for a tool in order to generate a preconceived level of income within a limited trial licence timeframe, is more than likely a recipe for failure. Because at a glance, that divers software selection, in my opinion evokes a sense of chaotic disarray, essentially without direction. So regardless of an eventual choice, whether 2D or 3D, in today's over saturated marketplace, it's going to be tough either way. For context I'm new too vector content creation, my first 'realistic drawing' had taken 2 months to complete and the second has currently raked up three times that spent on it, with still at minimum of another month until finally calling "done" although I've worked freelance in both traditional figurative portraiture alongside automotive e-commerce 3D visualization, enabling quite a number of years to arrive at some level of proficiency to do so. Any way, I'd suggest choose the medium/discipline which most excites or indeed passionate about, then drill down deep learning the fundamentals whilst in turn progressing through time and effort invested. I'm afraid there's no quick route toward attaining competency however from personal experience a sought after outcome will typically arise if one perseveres.
  11. Forum avatar?! Nah...Passport or dvr's licence will do Nice job - Cheers.
  12. These drawings look very cool and can definitely appreciate the amount of precision gone into generating them, as well.
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