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  1. Chiming in as an AD noob, at a glance I initially thought the image was a ref and went instead searching for a link to the actual drawing, itself...lol. Probably indicates the level of attention when reading a given topic's OP, so indeed - much respect I'd also add your texture surfacing (smudge/scratches) applied too the box is what prominently led to wrongly assuming the above which by the way can be a challenge for most to achieve when working with a DCC pipeline and/or workflow. Cheers.
  2. Thank you so much. Will definitely dig deeper or concept something workable, perhaps scale down the initial premise, while naturally also formulating a reasonable timeframe toward finalization into account, too. Cheers. edit: Had mentioned in this thread's starter post, the Porsche was inspired via a tutorial, authored by Isabel Aracama. So really, credit to her artistic let alone teaching skills that I'd managed too draw anything resembling realism so I thought an important clarification to note here, if it wasn't already clear.
  3. Heh, absolutely right there. Now if it wasn't already obvious, one would be entirely correct to presume that I'm a unapologetic *Petrol Head* naturally attuned to anything that even resembles motor racing, be it car/truck/motorbike and/or other vehicular oriented mode of transport, I'd even worked in the production sector for a selection of renown auto manufacturers so expanding upon that train of thought regarding potential reference material. My dream, back when a much younger version of myself was to either spectate or more importantly self fund an entry to compete in the "Paris Dakar" rally, a long distance cross country event that originally was held over a two week period through North African desert region but these days slightly shorter duration and currently situated in Saudi Arabia, although still open to various categories eg: car, truck, motorbike, quad, buggy...etc. So what I really, really want to do, is a kind of artistic tribute too the rally's founder, the late great Thierry Sabine. Envisioning a dynamic scene, such as a competitor cresting the lip of a sand dune, emerging amidst swirling dust...riding/driving whatever which to my mind encapsulates the "Dakar's" very essence. I'm also aware that AD has a raster component similar to Photoshop, I believe? called Persona? would it be possible to paint a relevant background environment, utilizing this feature set? The reasoning behind my queries, if you don't mind is that typically when working in games dev or pre-rendered content, I solely leverage Blender 3d, an open source suite of embedded tools i.e. parametric modeling, keyframe animation, texturing, compositing, digital sculpture to name but a few...basically an all in one CG 'swiss army knife' solution Anyway I'd be grateful for any info. Cheers.
  4. Thankyou, I'm stoked how it eventually turned out. Although personally vector realistic leaning content creation methods are definitely via my very limited experience still challenging, in terms of accruing a 'level of fluency' that imo comparable too 3d asset generation end-to-end...if not more so. And again appreciate taking the time commenting on those areas needing further attention, also it's interesting you'd picked up on the painterly aspect which indeed was the intended aim since this piece will be gifted too dear family friends, celebrating their wedding anniversary, appropriately framed of course I'm might try my hand at drawing a 3/4 frontal view of the same car, whilst resolve the aforementioned faults or at least near enough. Cheers.
  5. Finally calling this done. Certainly put more that a few hours into it but nonetheless overall, pretty happy with the end result alongside learning a heck of alot as well. Anyways I'm going to further explore this particular illustrative method as too whether other subject matter I've in mind can also be rendered realistically. Cheers.
  6. Hi There: Continuing blocking-out the car, also forgot to mention after re-reading my OP, that I actually had been working from a higher res'd cropped reference for a number of days, prior too initially posting this WIP, only linking the low resolution image as a kind of visual shot for topic context/description, anyhow my bad : ) Ok, I think I've made an honest attempt re-editing problems highlighted previously. Basically by tweaking fx (blur, glow, shadow) values, better layer management and paying more attention to detail, through spending whatever spare time beginning to build an overall familiarity utilisng these new drawing techniques while importantly during the process, having a ball, doing so. Cheers.
  7. Thank you no problem at all, indeed much appreciated. I work with DCC apps mostly Blender 3D as a hard surface modeller and trying translate or 're-configure' so to speak a polygonal mindset into a 2D vector format is personally a bit of a challenge also lighting has always been a fundamental weakness in my work, as well. So I'll definitely get right on it and see if I can iron out those issues somewhat, oh and btw your Jaguar car is amazing, the amount of effort involved let alone finesse to achieve a 3D rendered aesthetic is truly mind-blowing 🤯 Cheers.
  8. Completely new too drawing with curves which after stumbling upon these examples prompted an interest in the workflow, anyways for now just following along with Isabel Aracama's Udemy AD tute and pretty much enjoying the process thus far. Cheers. Reference Image Current Progress (atm detailing the body shell)
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