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  1. You would be almost correct, the original is from a picture out of the Smithsonian. However make that 250 to 350 layers.
  2. Interesting. Had to google Marco Rodin's Vortex Math system, it seems to me to be a development of the golden ratio. The artwork is great too.
  3. Havn´t been here for a while, job and life taking just too much time. But recently I had two days and managed to fire up the Affinity for some aviation artwork. For a while now I have had a P40 on my mind and thought it was as good a time as any. So here is my take on the great P40 Warhawk.
  4. Whatever you are smoking... I don´t want to know. Nice art though.
  5. Considering it´s actually a 1:1 copy of the BMW R71 Wehrmachtskraftrad from 1938 it is an astonishingly long lived bike. I almost got myself one a few years back, sadly the deal fell through.
  6. I love the sparkly sea but VectorVonDoom is correct..
  7. I do freediving as a sport and that is exactly the kind of nightmare I have. One of them at least, the other is to find a net underwater and get entangles another one is dive through a cave right into a smack of jellyfish on the way up, that happened by the way.
  8. A journey of a thousand vectors starts with a single line...
  9. Oooookaaaay! What´s the cattool and where can I find it?
  10. And the soundtrack to the picture.
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