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  1. ......and now I can´t get that stupid song out of my head, darn you bodobe.
  2. Just read the title and "Heart of Glass" started to play on my internal I-pod.
  3. Oh! Große Klasse. Das würde ich anne Wand hängen. (Oh Great class, I would hang it on the Wall)
  4. Why now have I had to put good old Vera on youtube? At 103 years old on March 20, dame Lynn still looking good.
  5. Time for some space art, does anybody else like this genre?
  6. Error -200 is telling you that your picture is too large, either in size or ppi weight, resample it smaller and save as JPG.
  7. I know, but as they are fantasy aircraft I think it is valid. Also there is a clue in the name Harland & Wolf (one "f") and if you remember that Blohm & Voss, also a ship builder, built aircraft for the Luftwaffe, then I think my imaginary planes can be built by a ship builder too.
  8. Here is a fun thing to do. Each aircraft is a mashup of three or four different aircraft, your job is to fine out which. The first is the Harland & Wolf HW160 tempest, and the second one the Handley Page firestreak. Have fun
  9. Actually the lack of a decent profile management is not that much of an issue, unless you are using a device link profile most printers worth their ink will strip the designers ICC´s out in PreFlight.
  10. I must be a mutant then, as I find working with a mouse easier than with a stylus and pad. I have tried quite a few, the last one being the wacom bamboo but I always seem to gravitate back to using a mouse. Perhaps it´s a case of what you are used to and feel comfortable with.
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