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  1. When I have a selection up, I can no longer Alt click on the mask icon to create an inverted mask. Instead, it just makes a completely black mask. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hd9b9sm3bxznsyw/black mask.mov?dl=0
  2. Nicole Hurst

    LUTs do not accept Blend Ranges

    I'm not sure the video loaded correctly... here's a Dropbox link to it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yoor1vtgzr1se2a/lut test.mp4?dl=0
  3. Nicole Hurst

    LUTs do not accept Blend Ranges

    I've attached the demo LUT I made, along with video showing how the blend ranges are not working with the LUT. lut_test.mp4 Untitled.cube
  4. Nicole Hurst

    Media Browser Gone

    Ahh that's too bad... thank you for your help!
  5. Nicole Hurst

    Media Browser Gone

    I'm running the latest version of Mac OS and Affinity Photo, and the Media Browser is gone! I hope this is just a bug, and the feature was not removed.
  6. I tried making a LUT today, and Affinity would export my LUT just fine, except it would not honor any changes I made to blend ranges. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, because I've used blend ranges on LUTs before. Or I might be misremembering things, and this might really be a feature request.