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  1. I have a MacBook and larger second-display which I use with Photo for editing. If I use Photo with the second-display connected to edit photos. Then disconnect the second-display from my MacBook when taking it elsewhere. Start Photo without the second-display i.e. disconnected. This results in the Photo window being restored/displayed to a "virtual video region" for the second-display that is inaccessible since it was disconnected. Reconnecting the second-display will show the Photo window but that will not work if not home. Recovery attempts The Dock (Show All Windows) menu will display the hidden Photo window but there is no way to move it from the disconnected-second-display area to the MacBook-display area. The Photo > Window menu has a (Move to my Tablet), but there is no (move to my MBP) menu. MBP M1max 64GB, macOS 14.1, Photo 2.2.1
  2. Thanks for your responses. macOS no longer supports the Canon Printer/Scanner we have. Maybe wife's Windows LT is a better platform than my MacBook since I need to used it to scan the pages.
  3. I occasionally need to scan documents to create a multi-page PDF. I can create single page PDFs from each scan. I was hoping to use Publisher to assemble the collection of one page files into a single PDF file with all the pages. If the [Add Pages From File...] menu would allow selecting multiple files that would do the trick as it stands know even with a [Add Pages From File...] shortcut it's pretty tedious. I am pretty familiar with Photo but mush less so with Publisher, wondering if there is some other way I haven't found/considered. Thx
  4. @NotMyFaultFantastic job enumerating the conditions! It's hard to pick out exactly what is wrong with an image, just that something does not look right/the way you want. Problems with a single feature are annoying, but this type of issue is much more concerning as it is the core function of compositing the layers. They really should be doing nightly build tests with a suite of these types of very specific edge/corner cases. To add to your list, adding a Merge Visible layer on top does not duplicate the gradient close to the sum of the combined layers. I believe I have seen this elsewhere but your file provides a great test case for Affinity. nested alpha live filer again V2_MV.afphoto
  5. In looking into color profiles on my Mac, the management is not great. First the files can be located in multiples locations with different scopes and second the files names and internal profile names can be and are different. While not encountering a problem myself it is far from robust especially with multiple app installing their own profiles. This is even further complicated by multiple engines with what ever rules they have about where they look for profiles. Not sure if this is the problem but it doesn’t help.
  6. It looks like you you have two displays the Farb-LCD and an AirPlay-Monitor Aus. Not sure how you are using them and if that could be related. As far as I know there is no way to setup a ICC profile/calibration for an AirPlay device. This could explain a difference.
  7. I ran across the following WebP review shortly after reading this thread. A less than glowing review of WebP by a photographer and image processing engineer. It would seem that while shrinking images is extremely valuable to Google, it's less so for photographers especially given the quality concessions. https://eng.aurelienpierre.com/2021/10/webp-is-so-great-except-its-not/
  8. Wow! Not clear how much of this I have experienced, clearly there are times when my results does not look great, but since still on the learning curve would have attributed that to lack of skill/knowledge or initial image quality. I have my setting generally to best rendering over speed. Based on above I should be able to create a merge visible and use diff blend mode to spot issues. Thx
  9. Interesting but given what I have seen the focus is on much more core/central/infrastructure features, so I think unlikely especially given a relatively small team. I believe there are references on the forum to others using G'MIC as a plug in on Win so that might work.
  10. Wondering if anyone has done a side-by-side install of different versions of the same app e.g. APh 1.9 and APh 1.10 from Affinity Store? It seems that GPU/Metal development is proving tough for multiple vendors (I don't have Adobe products but have read same on LuLa) and the errors are often catastrophic. If not, I sure would support actively testing a short beta of final build since beta and release and coexist side-by-side. It would be better being stuck or having to revert. In my own SW experience I found coordinated short focused betas much more effective than long ones where customers mostly did not participate actively. Thx
  11. Since you cannot reproduce it, one other thing I did recently was delete the MAS version of Photo and buy/install from the Affinity Store. Not sure if there is some setup/config cross contamination?
  12. The hang does not occur with the settings Display: OpenGL Hardware Acceleration: Enable Metal compute acceleration = unchecked There is also no hang with Display: Metal Hardware Acceleration: Enable Metal compute acceleration = unchecked I guess this is the first diagnostic check to run in the future for hangs/crashes.
  13. The aphoto file was created last night with 1.10.1(?) and saved. I updated to APh 1.10.3 this morning and loaded the file fine, but at first interaction APh repeatably crashes. The original JPG was from a GoPro. This does not happen on the beta. Attached OS crash report (seems to have all the config info) debug log? (just popped up on terminal one point) aphoto file Let me know if you need further info. Thx HG Crash Report.txt HG APh Terminal dump.txt GP030010-4.afphoto
  14. Thanks all, good to know. Coming to Mac from Windows so I don't know all the install ins-outs yet and did not want settings wiped out while sleeping soundly.
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