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  1. same here on osx 10.13.6. very frustrating. I've managed to export it to PDF in order to print it via Preview in the meantime
  2. Okay, I'm an early beta user of all the Affinity suite and I'm convinced it's getting better and better after each update. I hope I'm wrong but I can't find a way to work on photos or bitmap illustrations in Affinity Photo with duotones, tritones and even quadritones with spot colours via the channel like I'm doing it with Photoshop. Is it possible? It would really help me to get rid of Photoshop for good. To clarify my process, in Photoshop, I'm working in Greyscale mode and then I'm adding spot colours via the Channel panel. Photoshop is then able to simulate in Grey mode the spot
  3. The new "Initial advance" feature is a must for typography precision. Thanks for adding that. Add the ability to script the application and I’ll ditch my Adobe dependency.
  4. I’m an early user of the complete Affinity suite and I’m having high hopes about it but the only thing that will slow my migration process is the lack of AppleScripting support yet. I’ve just read PixelMatorPro 1.8 got a complete AppleScript support now. Please please Affinity…
  5. Okay, any news about assigning shortcuts to macros? I can't see it in 1.8.1?
  6. Ok, it's a good step. I've forgot to mention I'm working on Mac OSX 10.3.6 High Sierra. I was able to test a previous version 1.7.3 and it works as expected. Thanks in advance for your support.
  7. I've tried these steps with the current 1.8.1 version and I have the same strange bug. If you move the first united to rectangle, then the 3 elements are unified as expected. A bit scary though, especially for more complex form because the workaround mentionned is not a workaround but a way to reproduce the issue. Thanks for fixing this quickly. Nicolas
  8. @firstdefence Currently FontLab dev are investigating the issue. I'll let you know. You can check what's up on the forum: https://forum.fontlab.com/fontlab-vi/copy-paste-between-a-vector-app-and-fl6-dont-work/
  9. @firstdefence I've tried to register to Fontal forum as well with no luck. I've sent a support ticket about it as well as the issue we're having with copy/paste. I'll keep you posted. Nicolas
  10. This is actually the problem. A vector graphic should be copy and pasted as a vector graphic and not a pixel image. It makes no sense to do that and use the Trace interpretation of a software. The tracing tool of FontLab should be only used when designing font based on scans available on vector format. As I said, it works with Illustrator so Affinity should be on paar. It's on the developers side now. I hope they will fix it soon.
  11. Thanks. Let's see what the developers can do. @touchara I'm concerned about copy and paste, no import export here. Thanks
  12. Ok but in this case, copy and pasting is way more faster to work with. I can have a big artboard with a lot of different sketches and quickly going back and fourth the 2 softwares. Exporting require to add extra steps. It works in Illustrator and FontLab VI so why not with Affinity Designer?
  13. Hi, I'm currently testing FontLab 6.1.4 and Affinity Designer beta I still can't copy and paste from Affinity Designer to FontLab in order to get it directly to vectors. It works with Adobe Illustrator CS6 though. Any news about this? I don't want to export and import and definitely don't want to use the Autotrace because it makes no sense to trace artworks that are already in vectors. Many thanks.
  14. +1 for DWG support + add some measurement tools for simple CAD. The idea would be to have some simple scale conversion in order to make the DWG import useful
  15. Any news about the DXG/DWG import option? Is there any plan to add some measurements tools as well?
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