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  1. WebEngineer

    New Logo Please!

    Let's appreciate this icon for a quality piece of software because its ART, no? Just to throw a spanner in the works
  2. WebEngineer

    New Logo Please!

    Much more clarity and pride in ecosystem specific design right there
  3. WebEngineer

    New Logo Please!

    Exactly what Serif is known for in the past - too much stress, features changing etc? We are talking about a logo. A lot of people (real designers) here have made some excellent suggestions. You will lose business just because of an icon, trust me excellent designers only want the best. And also, how come major companies out there like, Dropbox, Google, Yahoo, Pixelmator Pro can change their logos for the interest of the eyes of a good designer. Shapes, meanings and gradients are all very lovely behind a logo. But if it looks tacky then that's too bad.
  4. WebEngineer

    New Logo Please!

    Again the controversies of good design lay here. Made up my mind wont be buying. Not that anyone cares I guess.
  5. I agree Photoshop's logo is boring but its certainly not tacky. Here's some random but good examples of beautiful logo designs: http://www.pixelmator.com/pro/ Logo Logo Google icons More icons on from the web I shouldn't have to justify a good looking & consistently designed logo... come on
  6. WebEngineer

    New Logo Please!

    Existing logo is rubbish, needs a change at least for Mac users YUK
  7. Bonjour Je suis désole, j'ai recherché tout les fils avec "logo" mais je n'ai pas retrouvé quelque chose avant. Je suis content que la communauté supporter ca
  8. Hi, Firstly, I've just downloaded the trial of Affinity Designer and I have to say I am blown away at how brilliant this program is. You really have a winning strategy here, well done! But despite how this beats Illustrator hands down in my circumstances, there's one thing that bugs me (and Im pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one) and thats the logo. Seriously I think the logo was designed by a 4 year old kid who watches marvel splashing in gradients and clutter. Something simple and straight forward I think would justify the quality of software. And a lot of designers out there, especially Mac users appreciate a good looking icon on the doc. Am in the middle of a project right now waiting to upgrade to High Sierra. Once done so, will go ahead and purchase however, very impressed! Thanks for reading PS see attached image, don't you think it looks the worst out of all of them?

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