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  1. In answer to Alfred - yes, it does in Lightroom's RAW processing. Adobe's negative clarity feature seems to detect and act on skin tones in a very useful way whilst it also seems to detect eyes and does not soften them. For a quick develop session, I find it very useful and is my 'go to" tool for cleaning up minor blemishes and blotchiness on a baby's face for example. Occasionally, I may go back in and paint some positive clarity back over the lips but again, this is seldom needed as the Adobe algorithm seems to also preserve sharpness on lips as well as the eyes ... although it is not quite as reliable as the eye preservation. In answer to MBd, I wish I had had more time to perform 'proper" photography for my family - but I simply don't. The best I can do in very limited time slots is either seek a northish facing window and/or use a bounced flash with possibly a diffuser over the flash head. Babies grow up so fast and whilst you can plan a shoot to some extent, the subject matter may not be his or her best on the day; typically blotchiness associated with teething, minor colds or tiny self inflicted scratches, or they're just simply tired and grouchy! If you get 10 to 15 mins of co-operation from your subject you're lucky! From a capture of maybe 30 or 40 frames there's maybe 4 or 5 decent frames with eye contact and ideally a smile ... it's even more difficult when you have both parents in the frame as well! Once the shoot is done, everyone wants to see the pictures and maybe put them on social media postings as soon as possible - this is where negative clarity in the RAW studio environment is a real time saver for me. So in summary, yes of course there are other ways to achieve the same effect, but not as easily in my experience. Happy new year to you all and thanks for your input.
  2. I treated myself to Affinity Photo for Christmas and am still exploring the app however I also noticed there is no negative clarity feature in the RAW Persona. This something I use quite a lot in Lightroom; especially for photographs of my baby grandson as it nicely softens skin tone and suppresses any blotchiness but seems to keep the eyes sharp - all without masks or local edits - just by using a simple slider. This would be great feature to have in the RAW Persona.
  3. Thanks for your reply Matt, and indeed your candour regarding where I should invest in the shorter term if I need to have that technical functionality. After I posted I also had the thought of maybe addressing it via a "technical persona" ... now that would be really great! Addressing it with a different product would not be a good idea in my humble opinion as you are then competing against "proper" CAD products and the development needed to get it taken seriously would be far greater than just adding limited CAD functionality to Designer - as a persona for example. I personally would not object to purchasing the Technical Persona as a plug-in or add-on as long as the price was right.
  4. I would also like to see auto vector tracing on bitmaps support - I have used it in AI and it can be very useful ... even if it just to create a vector outline of a silhouette.
  5. I am currently trialling Affinity Designer and I like what I see however there does not seem to be many technical drawing tools - are there any plans to add auto-dimensioning or auto area labels? Similarly some intelligence for supporting the creation of basic electrical or pneumatic schematic diagrams? I am also interested in Autodesk Graphic (previously iDraw) mainly because it appears to have genuinely useful technical drawing tools although Affinity Designer certainly looks to be better suited to creative users.
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