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  1. I am astounded at how complex features are added on month after month, and there are no arrowheads. There is something weird about this, did someone in the management once make a (drunk) bet that s/he would make an Illustrator competitor without arrowheads? I am a scientist and there is no way that I can regularly use a vector graphics program in my work, if it does not have arrowheads. Given the apparent attitude of the developers towards this topic, I come to this forum, actually this particular post, to only learn lessons about sociology (wow, the aggression of people with nothing at stake in this discussion, railing at users asking for a standard feature). I loved the program when it came out, have never used it for anything useful, and it looks like that's how it's going to remain. A waste of my money and time.
  2. Diagrams in physics and mathematics require arrowheads quite frequently... as bpedit pointed out already.
  3. I am somewhat surprised that adding arrowheads to curves is not even on the feature roadmap. Is that an oversight, or a deliberate decision? Could one of the staff members comment on this please?
  4. "The main thing I'm seeing here is that it uses a font that I don't have installed": if the PDF displays without any problem in any PDF reader on any OS, which I assure you that my original submitted PDF file does, Affinity should be able to import it and display it correctly. Some other vector apps on the mac can import it, no problem.
  5. In Affinity it looks like the attached screenshot.
  6. The attached PDF is not importing correctly; I am using the current beta. FYI this PDF was created using Latex commands in the open source app Latexit. test.pdf
  7. It is really frustrating not having a way to add arrowheads; please please add this soon that so that I can move my workflow to Affinity.
  8. Thanks. FYI there is a bug due to which when I click on the settings wheel for some setting in the "Effects" pane, say '3D', the "Layer Effects" pane pops up but with the NEXT setting selected (in this example, 'Colour Overlay' instead of '3D').
  9. Is there a way to sign up for the beta? I have the MAS version.
  10. Is there a tool for drawing wavy lines or springs; right now I have to use the pen tool to make one link and concatenate, but the results are a strong function of the ability of the person drawing the curve (mine aren't great). If there is no foolproof way of drawing such curves accurately, can I request that you include such a tool? This motif comes up regularly while making scientific diagrams. I read in another thread that the ability to add arrows to the beginning and end of a curve is on the future app development roadmap. Can I add a request for also including the ability to add an arrow to the middle of a curve?
  11. Searching online, I found that in Illustrator the 'hollow' effect can be achieved by choosing the 'Down' direction in the 'Emboss' effect setting. Is there an analogous option in Affinity (a similar-looking setting called 'Invert' does not seem to achieve this effect)? Reference: 'Direction' section in http://design.tutsplus.com/articles/the-comprehensive-guide-to-bevel-and-emboss--psd-17308
  12. The current 3D option, which is amazing, makes an object (say, an oval) 'pop out' of the canvas. Is there an option to make the shape look hollow instead?
  13. I only just figured out that the way to decompose the PDF into its component vector objects is to choose "Convert to curves"; it works great, thanks!
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