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  1. I will try that, please wait a moment. You was right!!! It doesn't disappear during painting. Great!!! Thank you so much!
  2. Thant could be possible – then it should be the Icon shown which looks like a lock, right?
  3. Well to add, it looks kind of familiar – like from Affinity Publisher the pin function. But why should be a colour been pined?
  4. Dear Team Serif, in Affinity Designer for iPad there is an Icon at the Studio Colour. See below the file. What is the function of that? Nothing happens, if I klick on it. There is also no explaining. I am curious, what can I do with that? Best greetings
  5. DAD

    Berry walk

    Thank you. It took 1 month to finish that.
  6. You are welcome. Fantastic, this is such a great teamwork you are having there! Thank you for your effort, then let's wait and see for the next update.
  7. Lovely Greetings from Berlin, this editorial illustration is made in Affinity Designer on the iPad. »A friendly forest spirit with his avatar is looking for berry supplies in fall.« This two characters will be seen soon in my second edition of the German book: https://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de/affinity-designer_4939/ This work consistently grow really big, but the document was all time stable on iPad. I worked in both – Draw and Pixel Personas. I can not count the layers anymore! I used lots of simple shapes to create the plants and went to the Pixel Persona to create further details with simple brushes like pencils. For my colouration I created a document palette with 9 main colours and HSL shades. I just used 3 layer effects: blur and shine and shadow. The lines of the character are from my sketch and later edited. I used a lot of brush sets from FRANKENTOON and DAUB and my one customised brushes.
  8. You are really fast with your reactions! You all have my true respect! Thanks for always helping out.
  9. Looks really very lovely. My favourite is the last one. The pink colour of the background response very well with the design business card.
  10. DAD


    Very lovely work, well done. I have a feeling, that the car and sweet cat and chair needs something more – like a street or sand or what ever you want. It looks a bit flying in nowhere. The shadows are very good.
  11. Very nice indeed! Next level could be, that you work in the Pixel Persona with pixel brushes on a copy for more structures.
  12. DAD

    Bear Gulch

    Nice colour chooses!
  13. Dear team Serif, thanks for all your great work till now. I was going through the help panel on my iPad and found this situation. It is hard to read the full text for gestures, see my files below. Best wishes Anke Goldbach
  14. But for my corporate Design I always use same global colour, so I really wanted that there. But you are right, so I did that colour as a system palette. Thanks for mentioned that.
  15. For the web publication I am working on, I tried to give a vector icon for social median an interactive hyperlink to a web page. It is not really working. Is there a possibility to do so? That would be lovely for ebooks and web publications. I can create a hyperlink just for text like the web address, but it is always in blue. It would be great to have more flexibility with colour and design.

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