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  1. Probably someone else is facing the same issue, but when I use the Alt key to duplicate an object, moving said object has a lagging kind of effect. After I drop the object and move it again the problem is no longer present, but whenver I duplicate any object it appears again. Anyone else facing the same problem?
  2. vaultdweller

    Logo for a new gin

    The design on the bottle looks really cool! Will the liquid's color be pinkish? If so it will have a nice contrast with the design. Nice job!
  3. vaultdweller

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    This is really cool! Just added it, thanks
  4. @Chris_K Thanks Chris, I just wanted an estimate. I understand that it's a complicated feature to implement. Appreciate your work.
  5. @Chris_K Is there any planned timeline for this? Are we talking months, years?
  6. @Patrick Connor Thanks! I've ditched Photoshop for Affinity Photo recently and I couldn't be happier with it. You guys did a great job and I believe you will do the same with Publisher
  7. Nice! Can't wait to dump indesign