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  1. I removed the linked files and placed them again and it exported just fine! Thanks Jon.
  2. @Jon P also, I just tested it this morning and now just simply opening the export window crashes publisher...
  3. @Jon P I've uploaded the document. Please let me know what to do because my client is waiting on this
  4. Hi everyone, Since updating to 1.9, I've had Publisher crashing every time I try to export a specific document. I've already exported successfully a bunch of other documents with the same export settings, but this one seems to be stuck. Anyone else facing the same issues?
  5. Probably someone else is facing the same issue, but when I use the Alt key to duplicate an object, moving said object has a lagging kind of effect. After I drop the object and move it again the problem is no longer present, but whenver I duplicate any object it appears again. Anyone else facing the same problem?
  6. The design on the bottle looks really cool! Will the liquid's color be pinkish? If so it will have a nice contrast with the design. Nice job!
  7. @Chris_K Thanks Chris, I just wanted an estimate. I understand that it's a complicated feature to implement. Appreciate your work.
  8. @Patrick Connor Thanks! I've ditched Photoshop for Affinity Photo recently and I couldn't be happier with it. You guys did a great job and I believe you will do the same with Publisher
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