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  1. Chris, please see below... First a add a text document as suggested by walt.farrell. The two sample images are embedded so you can handle (move, resize etc.) them. I couldn't answer you questions yesterday because I did not know by heart, sorry. But now i am on the PC: Astonishing: I actually cannot change vertical alignment of the text. But I remenber I have set vertical alignment to "Bottom". You can see this on the screenshots if you have a look at the baseline grid too. I cannot check baseline grid too at the moment. Baseline grid was (manually) set to use baseline grid when i begun the text document. Do you mean "In Textrahmen umwandeln" as screenshot 6 shows? Semms to be expanded because its greyed out. ----------------------- I am an advanced InDesign user but this seems not to be good enough. I support any serious alternative of Adobe product, so I did purchase Affinity Photo and now Affinity Publisher. And I will try hard to change from InDesign to AfPub. But as I am working most of the year on my books with InDesign to get printable PDF to the printer it must work in every cased. I can change my workflow a bit but I cannot work double time. Therefore I ask after trying all things that - in my mind - could have taken effect. And I am working with a German version - this is a problem for explainations too. Thank you for your support till now! On_the_Hot_Pott.afpub
  2. Here is night now, will test and answer tomorrow. Thanks to all for today.
  3. Fill text, random text, dummy text. In my case it’s coming from AfPub directly. Does this help? i cannot tell the correct english menu item, working with German version.
  4. No, as you can see, it is real blind text. No, not yet. But BACKSPACE didn‘t change anything. Will have a closer look tomorrow.
  5. In the meanwhile i had same behaviour in other cases too. I happens that under certain circumstances the first libne is missing. BUT i cannot get out a system that i could work around. Okay, AfPub is very fresh. And, okay, it is not very expensive. Faults can happen. But would be fine to get an answer.
  6. Putting blind text into the sides layout ends with a missing line in the first place.- There is nothing there, no blank(s), no return, nothing (screenshot 1). Inserting an image at the first place of the text "box" loks fine - at the first sight (screenshot 2). Sliding the image right to the next column does not look so fine (screenshot 3). Moving the image in the right column down looks as known (missing first line) (screenshot 4). Removing the image leaves me at the state I begun (first line missing) (screenshot 5).
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