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  1. I'm just wondering this myself.
  2. No.... ok tried it, and that's not too bad of a workaround. But rather clunky. Dragging pages that requires scrolling seems to be buggy.... like I drag a page all the way so it scrolls to page 1 and then the page doesn't actually move. I guess I should put that in the bug forum. Seems you can't just copy/paste pages either. Thanks for the workaround though, that'll work in the meantime!!!
  3. Is there a way to move pages in Publisher without dragging. E.g. I want to take page 57 and make it page 2. Can't find it. Thanks!
  4. I've been learning Designer and came here looking for arrowheads on lines. Really surprised it's lacking! Just wanted to throw a vote in for the feature. Glad it's on the roadmap. Actually I was looking for it in the Publisher Beta but thought it'd at least be in Designer. I'll look into the workarounds, but it seems like such a standard thing that shouldn't need a workaround. Thanks.
  5. Thanks to all for this thread. I went through the same thing wondering why it didn't work and not seeing any obvious settings. Edit: Kinda weird Home/End aren't set to First/Last page either. After setting all those I breathed a sigh of relief as I easily paged through my document. Really wonder why it's not the default.
  6. That's interesting in that it shows the functionality is almost already built it! The main thing missing is to autosize the text frame. For my purposes, this is mainly what I need (Artistic->Frame Text). Thanks.
  7. I just had this same question. I wanted a "template" title on each page that I could customize on each page. In InDesign that can be part of the Master. Thanks for confirming the functionality. I guess I'll just copy/paste!
  8. +1. I'm just switching to Designer and surprised this isn't a feature. Is it? How?
  9. Just came here looking for this feature too. Too bad. Would like to print gridlines. Doing it manually will be a big pain. Maybe in the future... Thanks.

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