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  1. I totally agree with the sentiment of keeping the different packages efficient and streamlined and being (for example) the best Design Software possible, the best Photo Editing Software possible and the best Publishing Software possible with interoperability between packages.. I guess that is what you are doing so don't give in to every feature request for the different Applications. Multifunction tools in any sphere of activity end up not doing anything brilliantly.
  2. Tadhg

    Measurement Units

    This is a good idea. In Serif Drawplus changing the units of measurement is much better. You can simply right the ruler and change units.
  3. Totally agree with request for Export Preview. Surprised it was not a priority.
  4. Tadhg

    Knife tool

    My general feeling is that, in lots of ways, DrawPlus was more elegant and intuitive than Ability Designer. There appeared to be a more coherent philosophy behind DrawPlus. Is this just me being nostalgic. Ability is a fine software package but it somehow has not impressed me the way DrawPlus did when I first used it.
  5. In Serif's Drawplus there was a very useful grid in the shapes tool which you can superimpose over an image and print it out as part of the picture. It is a really useful feature and I can't quite understand how it was left out of Infinity Designer. It was certainly a key feature for a lot of what I do. Please add it to Designer.