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  1. I don't know a great deal about the finer details and standards associated with PDFs but I do use the PDF format to submit my final drafts of my novels for print-on-demand. Companies like IngramSpark are strict about conforming precisely to the PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002. If there is any possibility that there may be problems with Apub, as suggested by Lagarto, then I am simply not going to spend the considerable time it takes to format a novel using it. Hence my alarm. I would always expect that whatever vintage a software is, it, at the very least, does not produces an output that could
  2. It is a bit alarming to hear an advanced member saying Affinity is not in the same league as older software programs.
  3. I have the same misgivings as Kobold. It really is worrying when bugs keep appearing long after the final version is published. I hope Serif recognises that this is a problem.
  4. Get a grip haakoo. I don't make recordings of my conversations with product reps. fde101, you are more measured in your responses and you have been critical of some aspects of the products. I accept that. I really don't intend to say any more in this thread because it has degenerated into a verbal duel rather than a genuine discussion about the product/s. So, I'll wait and see how the products develop over the next few months. In the meantime I'll combine the strengths of the old and the new software; the new on mac and the old on pc. Regards to all at Serif and Serif users like myself.
  5. Just for the record, Serif did suggest to me, a long time user of all their software, that I should switch to the Affinity Range because they were ending support for their older software. In no way were they suggesting that the Affinity Software was completely different: they offered it as a replacement and upgrade for the older software. Fact. It seems to me that critical feedback, no matter how well intentioned, is not acceptable. It's a shoot the messenger response in general that I am getting. There is no need to be defensive. I have repeatedly said how appreciative I am of all the S
  6. I don't agree that it is unrealistic to expect that a new software package should match the older system in terms of features which were there for a very good reason. It may be true that designing software that is platform agnostic is more difficult. But this is the challenge for the company. As far as the user is concerned, technical difficulties are not their concern.
  7. Since Serif have ceased further development and support for their older software it is only prudent to look at the new replacement. One would expect, however, that even the Beta Version of the new replacement would have the feature set of the old version at the very least.
  8. I would accept , fde101, your framing of the issue and the distinction between Alpha and Beta versions of software. I also agree with you about Dave Harris's contention that a design feature is ok because Adobe does it that way and is, as you politely put it, a shame especially, I would add, when Serif had the good sense to to do the obviously right thing with their older software. If Adobe becomes your yardstick then why bother competing with them. Despite what some may think, I am attempting to be constructively critical, and I hope Serif will sustain its reputation for excellence a
  9. I am perfectly aware that Publisher it is a Beta Version. I am making the point that a Beta Version should be as close to the finished product as possible and my contention is that there are too many fundamental issues (not even bugs) that should have been ironed out earlier. In other words even as a Beta package it was released too early in the design cycle. Unfortunately the costs involved in fixing and adding things late in the development of a software package can be quite costly and also have unforeseen consequences on other parts of the software. An example of this was adding arrow
  10. I have the family of Affinity Software : Designer, Photo and Beta Publisher. I purchased these when I moved from PC to iMac. Prior to that I had the complete up-to-date range of Serif Software for PC : DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, WebPlus and Page Plus. Already I have reverted back to using DrawPlus for rapid Block Diagrams, Presentation stuff etc because it is quicker and and more intuitive than Designer and has some really nice features that are not in Designer. A current project involves the importation of Word Documents and Photographs into a publishing package to create a Local History Book
  11. Fair enough. I agree with the deficiencies you point out. I am left wondering, however, if Serif can sort some of these issues satisfactorally. Fixing things in software after it has been developed and launched is expensive and not always successful. This is not like adding new features, it's really trying to change the the basic package features and as I mentioned previously this can have unexpected repercussions on other aspects of the design. As it stands Serif are in beta mode with their publisher and there was some talk about them developing a DAM package. Have they taken on too much, too
  12. Defaults make sense of course. In DrawPlus if you set up specific line ends then that becomes the default for lines until you change it. And in DrawPlus that default is clearly displayed in the context ribbon. However it really does not make sense to make line endings the default for all shapes. Let's be realistic. When I raise these issues, I am not taking potshots at Affinity but genuinely pointing out areas which slow down the process of drawing and are irritating. I have always had great admiration for Serif software and used their Drawing, Photo, Publishing and WEB software extensively fo
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