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  1. Fair enough. I agree with the deficiencies you point out. I am left wondering, however, if Serif can sort some of these issues satisfactorally. Fixing things in software after it has been developed and launched is expensive and not always successful. This is not like adding new features, it's really trying to change the the basic package features and as I mentioned previously this can have unexpected repercussions on other aspects of the design. As it stands Serif are in beta mode with their publisher and there was some talk about them developing a DAM package. Have they taken on too much, too fast?
  2. Defaults make sense of course. In DrawPlus if you set up specific line ends then that becomes the default for lines until you change it. And in DrawPlus that default is clearly displayed in the context ribbon. However it really does not make sense to make line endings the default for all shapes. Let's be realistic. When I raise these issues, I am not taking potshots at Affinity but genuinely pointing out areas which slow down the process of drawing and are irritating. I have always had great admiration for Serif software and used their Drawing, Photo, Publishing and WEB software extensively for many years. I am concerned that they have lost something along the way but hopeful that they will find remedies for obvious omissions. The "arrowheads" is not the only issue that bothers me. I do get the sense that you are somewhat defensive about affinity. Perhaps I'm wrong. Regards
  3. Hello Alfred I downloaded the Beta Version and as you said you can have arrowheads etc on the ends of lines. However if you then insert a shape, Designer will try to add arrowheads to that shape including circles unless of course you reset to no endpoints on the stroke tabs. This is disappointing because if you select a circle, rectangle, triangle etc you obviously don't want arrowheads on these shapes and the software should recognise this. This may seem a small thing, in one way, but it is indicative of a piecemeal approach to the development of this software and typifies the "rat's nest" approach to writing code ie making changes to one function without realising the impact it has elsewhere. I find this disturbing and indicative of not enough work done at the very earliest stage of the software development. This is why I have the sense that Affinity Designer somehow lacks the coherence of Serif's DrawPlus software and why I suspect the design team or philosophy for Affinity has changed and not for the best. I still like many features of Affinity Designer but, at the moment, I am looking for a quick, smart and simple drawing package to supplement it.
  4. My Affinity Designer did not alert me to a new 1.7. version. Can you advise me on the procedure to upgrade to this latest version? Regards
  5. I find the lack of line endings like arrowheads astonishing. In fact, for certain kinds of simple drawings for presentations etc, Serif's DrawPlus 8 is far superior. Unfortunately I have changed from PC to Mac but when I want to do quick drawings I revert back to an old PC and DrawPlus. Affinity Designer is quite good but certainly not as cohesive and elegant as DrawPlus when it comes to putting a quick drawing together. It strikes me that with Designer there was greater clarity of purpose and perhaps restriction to fewer designers/software developers.
  6. I totally agree with the sentiment of keeping the different packages efficient and streamlined and being (for example) the best Design Software possible, the best Photo Editing Software possible and the best Publishing Software possible with interoperability between packages.. I guess that is what you are doing so don't give in to every feature request for the different Applications. Multifunction tools in any sphere of activity end up not doing anything brilliantly.
  7. Tadhg

    Measurement Units

    This is a good idea. In Serif Drawplus changing the units of measurement is much better. You can simply right the ruler and change units.
  8. Totally agree with request for Export Preview. Surprised it was not a priority.
  9. Tadhg

    Knife tool

    My general feeling is that, in lots of ways, DrawPlus was more elegant and intuitive than Ability Designer. There appeared to be a more coherent philosophy behind DrawPlus. Is this just me being nostalgic. Ability is a fine software package but it somehow has not impressed me the way DrawPlus did when I first used it.
  10. In Serif's Drawplus there was a very useful grid in the shapes tool which you can superimpose over an image and print it out as part of the picture. It is a really useful feature and I can't quite understand how it was left out of Infinity Designer. It was certainly a key feature for a lot of what I do. Please add it to Designer.